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Notes from Neen: The last two miles…

By December 5, 2023January 8th, 2024No Comments

So there you are at the starting line wearing a HUGE winter coat, shivering in the temperature, hurting before you’ve even started — yep, that was me! I had to have a conversation with myself, reminding myself that I made a commitment, had been working so hard for this day and I wasn’t going to bail or let myself down!

I was standing on the Bucks County Marathon Delaware Canal Towpath, what they call an “out and back route,” meaning you run 13.1 miles one way, turn around and run back. It was completely flat, so that went in my favor.

Those last two miles were torture, because when you run into the park where all my friends (and even clients!) were waiting in the frigid temperatures with congratulatory signs at the finish line, this horrid track meant I had to run ANOTHER mile in front of them before I could actually cross the finish line — absolute torture. But I remembered my running coach’s words, completed my marathon, and lived to tell the story.

This time of year feels like those last two marathon miles.

We know we can’t stop running, we have to focus on getting across the finish line, but it’s hard when you feel like you’ve been running this marathon for the whole year — or maybe more! Sometimes all we need to finish strong is a cheerleader, coach, mentor, or accountability partner to help you get it all done? Believe me when I say that at this time of year almost nothing is as important to me these last two miles than my coaches!

Get Yourself a Coach or a Cheer Squad

Having a coach that you can be accountable to can make a world of difference and accelerate your results. I have a brilliant business coach, Pam Slim, who I meet with monthly (yep every coach needs a coach) and I have a trainer (fitness coach) JJ who I work with twice a week to focus on the strength and health I need to support the business and lifestyle I want.

Coaching is one of the BEST investments you can make in yourself, we love working with rockstar leaders in this way.

If you want to build a 2024 that supports you when NEXT year’s last two miles are staring at you in the face, email me and we can talk about what that looks like! start 2024 strong, let me know.

Give yourself the luxury of time this holiday season.

I can hear you say it; “Okay, Neen, where do I find the time to do that with holiday parties, shopping, an overwhelming to-do list and just trying to make it to the end of the year?”

But what if these last 3 weeks of December you chose differently?

What if you chose each day to be a force for Good in the world? What would that look like to you? What if you decided to get a jump start on next year and invested in coaching for yourself?

Remember, Luxury is about EXPERIENCES, not things. Why not reset to make a few moments (for yourself and those you love) to create a more luxurious holiday season.

Here’s just a few ideas in my 10 Ways to Add a more luxury into your holidays list!

Neen’s Luxe Loves

Need a little holiday shopping inspiration? Here’s a few ideas from my curated Fave Things to Bring More Luxury Into Your Everday list! (It’s an easy blog to share with someone to give them the hints for your Santa list, wink wink!) Remember, the most meaningful gifts reflect your recipient’s personality and preferences, showing you paid attention to them.

You can find many of these items on our Amazon Store if that makes shopping easier!


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