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“She is a force of nature,” he said in the opening introduction of the podcast. He is an amazing businessman with the most brilliant mind and generous heart and he was interviewing me for his show about how to be more productive and the systems I use each day. His words stopped me in my tracks and made me smile. I wondered, “What does he mean?”

Obviously I did what we all do when we need to learn new information, I googled it!

What does it mean to be a Force of Nature?

Calling someone a force of nature could mean the person has a strong personality or character — like a hurricane or a tsunami — they might be full of energy, unstoppable, unchallengeable, unforgettable. In summary, a person to be reckoned with — that made me smile even more!

Last time I was in your inbox, I talked about the power of relentlessly refocusing as we near the end of the year. This week, as we in the U.S. focus on gratitude as we celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought that I’d touch on something else I’m focusing on these last few weeks of 2023: being a force of nature for good.

Are you a force of nature?

What is your energy level? Your drive? Your confidence level?

At this time of year when we are all feeling exhausted and tired and feel like we are limping to the end of the year, could you choose to make the most of this holiday season and be a force of nature, a force for good in your world at work and at home?

NO I am not talking toxic positivity here — that’s a waste of time at best, harmful at worst.

I am talking about choosing to be a force for good in the world to impact those around you.

During this time of year, perhaps more than ever, the luxury of your attention and time is at its most precious. So let’s choose to relentlessly refocus that luxury to be a force for good and make people matter.

Remember YOU don’t have to do it all this holiday season. YOU don’t have to be everything for everyone at work and at home. Perhaps it’s better to choose to invest in a few people that you love instead of just everyone that you like. Everyone may WANT your attention, but not everyone DESERVES your attention.

Luxury is not about expensive, it’s about experiences.
Luxury is not about opulence, it’s about what you value.
Luxury is about experiences, not things.

What is the experience that others have of you? How can you elevate their experience of you? How can you elevate their experience by being with you? What energy will you choose to bring into your holiday celebrations this month? Email me, and let me know!

In these final weeks for 2023 can you:

Make people matter – be fully focused in every conversation. Give someone the gift of your undivided attention so they realize they are the most important person you are talking to at that moment in time. Stop making technology more important than people — put your cell phone away and look someone in the eye.

Invest wisely – be deliberate with how you invest your time, energy, and attention to the people and the projects that will give you the best ROA (return on attention). Say ‘no’ to the things that don’t matter. Our office has a mantra that says “If it’s not yes, it’s no.” It sounds simple and it’s incredibly liberating when you do it. Stop wasting time in indecision. Make a decision and move on.

Delete and complete – we had so many insanely cool responses to our newsletter about relentlessly refocusing! Make a list of all the things you want to delete to complete 2023, then allocate time in your calendar to make that happen. Yes, schedule appointments with yourself. Delete the unnecessary meetings, projects, emails and people (yes I said people), that will allow you to focus on who and what really matters to finish this year strong.

Enter energetically – remember your energy is contagious. You can change the energy of a conversation, presentation, or the feeling of a room simply by how you enter it. Show us as the best version of yourself as you walk into every space with the assumption that everyone wants to play with you (that’s my belief). This means walking in confidently, with a real smile on your face, and not looking at your cell phone. It means extending your hand first to shake hands; it means not looking like the ‘bag lady’ weighed down with too many bags, coffee mugs, and clutter. Stop walking into meetings connected to devices, clearing emails, and not acknowledging your team members. And when you log onto the fifth Zoom or Team call for the day, smile, look in the camera and show the other attendees you are so glad to see them.


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