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A champagne moment is a special experience. A moment in time that makes you smile. It might be creating a memory or celebrating an occasion. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it is about the experience.

Champagne Moments and Birthdays

When turning 50, I made a list of 50 champagne moments to experience in my 50th year. Well a silly thing like a global pandemic messed up that list a little, but haven’t given up on it.

Yes, I am still working my way through the list and it had so many fun things on it: like sip champagne in Champagne (check), walk the Brooklyn Bridge and High Line in NYC (check), fly private (check), do 50 push ups (check), snorkel with manatees (check), eat paella in Spain (check), see a show on Broadway with my bestie (check) — there are still some things outstanding but I know they will get done. I even had a “50 Champagnes I Will Try” list.

As I approach my birthday this month, I’m reminded of the luxury of time. I remind myself what a privilege it is to celebrate a birthday, the luxury of time on this planet with people I love, time spent creating memories, time spent creating champagne moments.

This year I have enjoyed the luxury of champagne moments with the best clients in some of the coolest places in the world and with the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for.

Birthdays As Personal Performance Reviews

Every year around my birthday I schedule an appointment with myself to conduct a half-year annual performance review (like I used to have when I worked in corporate, but working for myself, well my boss, she’s tough!).

Think of it as a great opportunity to reflect on your goals at the midpoint of your year.

  • Are you on track to achieve the goals you set?
  • What do the numbers look like? Do you need to pay attention to different areas?
  • Are your plans specific enough, targets realistic enough, dreams big enough?
  • Do you need to set some projects (or people) free?
  • Do you need more support in areas of your projects or business?
  • Are you taking care of your health?
  • Are you prioritizing time with people you love?
  • Are you creating more champagne moments?

That’s on my list but you are welcome to add it to yours!

Champagne Moments in the Workplace

Whether I’m working one-on-one with executives to implement systems or sharing our Luxury Leadership Keynote with strategies on how leaders can communicate, activate, and elevate everything for their team and clients, it’s rooted in one specific thing: a love of people and a desire to develop systems that help leaders elevate the experiences they give their internal and external stakeholders.

I have helped many organizations unlock the secrets of the concierge level service using our luxury mindset research. Download an Executive Summary here. When they do, they gain the mindshare and loyalty of their clients and gain powerful advocates.

Remember, your time is a luxury, let’s invest it wisely.

Where are you investing your time and attention at work and at home to create more champagne moments? I’d love to know!

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