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I know you are tired, so what if you did your holiday shopping from your couch?

Pour a glass of your fave bubbles (Champagne, French Bloom, or sparkling water), and let me save you time.

It’s time to celebrate and show appreciation for those you love; here are some of my favorite things: a curated gift guide that blends luxury and practicality.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift for a colleague, team member, or yourself, my fave things cover a variety of price points and interests.

Something you may not know about me, I need to experience beauty daily; it brings me joy.
Fresh flowers, a flickering candle, divine-smelling hand soap in my bathroom, … whatever it is, I want it to look great, feel wonderful, and smell incredible.


Imagine my surprise when this was explained so intelligently by Ingrid Fetell Lee in her TED talk, she says “tangible things make us feel intangible joy” – if you haven’t seen it, invest 13 minutes and enjoy TED talk  Where Joy Hides and How to Find it.


Under $20

Start your day with gratitude

  • I write in this gratitude journal each morning and it’s a lovely way to begin your morning routine!

Dive into the World of Adam Grant’s Insights

  • I am such a fan of Adam Grant’s thought-provoking books. Consider gifting “Think Again” or “Give and Take” or his latest book, “Hidden Potential” to inspire fresh perspectives – his books are treasures of wisdom for any leader.

Elevate your guest room experience 

  • Washable slippers – we have a ‘no shoes’ policy in our home so these little slippers are perfect – I give them to all our guests when they visit – and they are washable! Available in a variety of colors and a fun gift for the holiday season. And we have a basket of these slippers at our front door for visitors.

Under $50

Light up the Room with Ikos Home Tampa Candles

  • Ikos Home Tampa soy candles are more than just candles; they’re a sensory experience, hand poured, local Tampa, women-owned business. I adore their rich scents and elegant design.  They make a perfect gift to add warmth and luxury to any workspace or home, great hostess gift, stocking stuffer, perfect for that person who is hard to buy for, I love the Rosemary and Mint and the most popular scent is the Mediterranean Fig – if you can’t decide – buy their discovery set.

Treat your taste buds with Peppermint Bark 

  • Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark – this is called Christmas crack in our house, and yes I have already eaten two boxes (don’t judge me) once opened I won’t stop eating it! You may get addicted – be warned! It’s one of my fave things about the holidays, and I LOVE it so much! And no, NO other brand compares to it … and yes, I have tried them all.

Under $150

Elevate your style with hats that fit every head

  • Wallaroo Hats – stylish, SPF sun protection (inspired by Australia and they even have one called the Outback that Julia Roberts wore in a movie recently, so of course I had to have that too), and when you order, get 20% off entering NEENJAMES20 at check out – I wear the Caroline in Ivory (hats are adjustable which is also fab).

Give the gift of Travel Fitness – Elevate Wellness on the Go

  • For leaders who prioritize health, I recommend JMethod Travel Sized Gym – these sell out quickly and are designed by my trainer, JJ for everything you need at home and when traveling.

Gift the Best Champagnes

Toast to Success with Billecart Salmon Rose

  • When it comes to celebrating success, I recommend my favorite pink bubbles, the luxurious Billecart Salmon Rose champagne. This exquisite champagne is perfect for toasting achievements and creating memories with those you love.

Elevate your morning routine

  • Tiffany Coffee Mugs and Tiffany Tea – I use mine every day and have bought for all my girlfriends, and this tea is ridiculously delish – such a treat, and it makes me smile each day.


The Ultimate Gift for the Coffee Lover in your life (or your office)

  • Jura Coffee Machine – we have the A1 white version (no longer available but this one replaces it); it’s a decadent and elegant machine that makes the most delish coffee daily.



Luxury Travel Essentials for the Jetsetter

Remember, the most meaningful gifts reflect your recipient’s personality and preferences, showing you paid attention to them.

You can find many of these items on our Amazon Store if that makes shopping easier.

May your holiday season be filled with joy, success, and the delight of giving!

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