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Important COVID-19 Update How we can help you

G’Day. I’m Neen, your executive advisor.

Want to be a great leader?

We can all agree that leaders set the standard of experience, expectations, environment, and emotions — I call leadership that elevates each of those areas Luxury Leadership.

The best leaders understand that delivering exceptional experiences for your internal team and external clients results in team members who advocate for your company and clients who recommend your organization.

With over 20 years as an executive advisor and coach to c-suite executives across various legacy and luxury brands, I know how lonely it can feel at the top; wanting someone who can be a sounding board, strategic partner, confidante, and cheerleader.

Sometimes you need someone who will be objective and make you think bigger, and other times you want someone who will tell you the truth that those around you are uncomfortable sharing. Someone who understands the challenges you face and wants to help you not only overcome them, but exceed your (and your stakeholders’) expectations.

I’m the trusted c-suite confidant with the strategic know-how to elevate your executive leadership, communicate to your stakeholders, and activate the strategic plans that accelerate growth and increase mind and market share. And here’s the good news — you can engage with me as an executive coach on retainer to provide the support you need.

Elevate Your Executive Leadership

Together, through my exclusive coaching process with c-suite executives just like you, we’ll implement strategies to:

  • Assess your company’s market share related to your competitors
  • Drive initiative plans that you are accountable for to your board of directors and stakeholders
  • Communicate the vision for the company culture you want to create
  • Overcome stakeholder concerns related to your goals
  • Evaluate external factors that affect your business
  • Enhance your communication skills and executive style you’d like to develop

Every coaching retainer client receives:

  • Customized, personalized, bespoke advice
  • Confidential, objective opinions
  • Unfiltered and unbiased advice
  • Identification and analysis of your communication style
  • A customized personal development accountability plan
  • A sounding board for decision-making
  • A cheerleader to celebrate success
  • Tough love to get unstuck
  • Access to my strategic expertise in ideation and attention
  • Assistance with language for all conversations
  • Someone to review board presentations and decks for important situations
  • Access to knowledge from my network of world-class thought leaders
  • Additional opportunities to include me as part of your strategic planning retreats and all-hands meetings

Benefits for you — and your organization:

  • Increased ideation productivity
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Strengthened communication skills
  • Focused development plans supporting organizational values and key performance indicators
  • Strengthened retention numbers and association with company culture
  • Work-life integration awareness and improved personal productivity

Ready to learn more?

Contact us to set up a complimentary exploratory call.

Start Now

Let’s choose the right engagement for you!

We have the right coaching engagement plan for you, whether your goals are short-term skill development or longer-term strategic initiative support.

90 Day Executive Coaching

Best for director-level or c-suite executives looking to improve a specific skill or plan for an important event.

  • Identify your communication style and how you communicate under stress
  • Elevate your executive presence
  • Improve work-life integration
  • Increase personal productivity
  • Learn accelerated preparation and delivery techniques for presentations
  • Increase confidence through specific techniques
  • Expand thinking to be more strategic and global
  • Receive honest, timely, and direct feedback
  • Design a customized personal development accountability plan

6 Month Executive Retainer

Best for c-suite executives looking to hone their skills, elevate their executive presence, and plan strategic team and development goals.

All of the above listed in 90-day sessions and the opportunity to focus on team development through a combination of 1:1 sessions (in-person and virtual), as well as:

  • Design strategic plans to develop market share and market size
  • Guidance designing employee engagement strategies, including team retreats and professional development
  • Discuss succession planning strategies to strengthen the team
  • Engage in ideation processes for leadership deliverables
  • Gain a confidential, objective sounding board for conversations and concerns
  • Enhance presentation skills and delivery for internal and external presentations
  • Improve your thought leadership position inside and outside your organization
  • Receive additional on-call access

12 Month Executive Retainer

Best for c-suite executives looking to work on any of the above, plus:

  • Facilitation of your executive team annual strategic planning retreat (does not include travel and accommodation for location)
  • Two in-person 1:1 meetings for strategic planning
  • Additional on-call access

Are you ready?

I’m ready to be the executive advisor you need and the coach your professional goals deserve. Together, we can manage your personal energy, your internal perceptions, and the external realities demanded of you and your job.

Let’s talk today

About Neen:

Neen designs strategic plans for Fortune 500 companies, facilitates retreats and works with executives and their teams to implement actionable strategies. Business leaders have her on speed dial to bounce ideas, engage in ideation processes, and teach luxury leadership strategies, resulting in her “Neenisims” being adopted across organizations.

“Neen James embodies the perfect blend of IQ and EQ, making her an exceptional coach with unparalleled instincts. Drawing from her vast experience, she swiftly identifies the core elements of any challenge at hand. Through insightful questioning and precise feedback, she offers invaluable support, guiding you towards specific goals with care and encouragement. Neen has a unique ability to make you feel valued and understood, fostering an environment where you can thrive and succeed.”

M. Rashid, SVP Culture and Human Resources, Virtuoso Travel

Neen has coached leaders in the following companies