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How to Tame Your Gremlin and Get Out of Your Way

By January 9, 2014No Comments

Taming Your Gremlin book coverI read this book many years ago by Rick Carson, Taming Your Gremlin– it’s an interesting read and has a few great strategies if you ever struggle with that ugly voice in your head that tells you that you can’t do something… or maybe you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough… do you have one of those gremlins?

I picked it up this week and scanned it again and wanted to share it could be a good read for some of you this year.

If you want to get out of your own way, and have more influence and impact this year – check it out.

While I don’t love the illustrations (I think his gremlin is kinda ugly and scary looking), and I don’t love the book layout (feels a little amateurish), the content is definitely worth reviewing.

Three ways to tame your gremlin (whatever he is called and whatever he looks like and whatever rubbish he tells you… that little voice in your head):

Simply notice – a great strategy to accelerate awareness when you are saying things to yourself that are not helpful. A quick technique is to breathe, yep, take a breath and notice how you are feeling.

Play with options – it’s not about stopping the gremlin and his voice of negativity or judgment; it is about deciding how you want to play and what choices you make about listening to his bad advice or moving on. This is your life, how do you want to lead it?

Be in Process – this is an adventure you decide to take, a journey to tame your gremlin, maybe it is never finished because we are all a work in process.

If you have any self-defeating behaviors, negative thought patterns or beliefs – you will find this book a little treasure full of ideas and imagery that could help you be more productive this year and manage that crazy headspace of yours – enjoy!

Have you read this book? If so, share your ideas with us here on our blog.

Folding Time Tip:  If you want to accelerate the read of this book, check out the chapter headings and find the one that most appeals to you – start there.

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