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How to Focus on Five Goals this year and have more impact

By January 14, 2014May 26th, 2023No Comments

We have five senses; sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch.

Have you ever met someone who has an incredibly heightened sense of smell?

Know anyone with bionic hearing who can hear a conversation when they are in another room?

Some of our senses are more acute than others based on our experiences, upbringing, and current events.

Just like we have five senses, it is essential to assign goals to five critical aspects of your life; spiritual, relational, financial, educational, and physical.

 “We have two choices; we can make a living or design a life.” Jim Rohn.

Could you invest time to make your goal setting process more productive this year using these strategies?

Make a date with yourself – This year, allocate time in a favorite spot to review the year just past and set goals for your future year. The discipline of this process will ensure you focus on the most impactful activities. I also do a half-yearly review in the same way to assess my personal and professional progress.

Set one in five – Set at least one goal in each of the five areas of spiritual, relational, financial, educational, and physical.  This discipline ensures you care for your health, the people in your life, and the lifestyle you want to lead.

Joint focus – If you share your life with someone, consider setting a few joint goals. I like joint travel goals, so we know where we want to visit during the coming year and how to allocate funding for trips. My honey is now retired, so that makes it much easier to coordinate calendars … except when he wants to go fishing!

Daily focus – When we interviewed Brian Tracy, he shared that he writes his goals out daily. Brian is one of the most influential people of our time.  Every day he invests in what he calls the Golden Hour: time spent reading his goals, feeding his brain with positive images, and visualizing results.  He says, “Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.”

Make yourself accountable – the best way to achieve your goals is to share them with someone and ask them to help you stay accountable to them – no one wants to ‘let the team down’. My accountability partner and I have been doing this faithfully for a gazillion years and it makes a huge difference to our weekly goal focus.

Did you know people who set goals, write them down, and share them with someone can increase their accomplishment of those goals by up to 76% more.

This year choose to invest time in looking after yourself personally and professionally; you will be more influential!

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