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Get Productive: Make it Great

By January 19, 2014No Comments

10 Ways to Make it greatRecently I received a copy of a speaker mates book called 10 Ways to Make it Great. Phil Gerbyshak challenges audiences to unleash the power they have by improving their attitude every day, setting goals and changing their overall mindsets.

Phil lives this mantra ‘make it great’. Having spent time with him at a recent industry convention his enthusiasm for life and other people, is contagious.

The book is an easy to use resource if you want to sit down and work through some questions to build an action plan on how you can improve your attitude and achieve more in life.

He encourages readers to learn more about the way they think, their personality and the way they communicate. Through the book he also challenges readers to be in a constant state of learning, to make sure you have the right team of people around you who can cheer you on when you need it and lift you up when you might need that too.

Phil dreams big, and in this book he encourages you to do the same. He is a walking example of someone who sets a goal, makes himself accountable and then gets to work. I recently read how he had lost an amazing 51 pounds – that’s an incredible feat and done with determination and focus.

If you want to find a book that you can work through, answer some questions along the way and end up with your own action plan – check out this book 10 Ways to Make it Great.

How do you ‘Make it Great’ each day? Share your ideas with us here on our blog.

Have a fabulously productive week,

Folding Time Tip:  If you want to focus on what is great about today, when you wake up invest 2 minutes listing 10 things you are grateful for – we do this each day and it is a rocking way to start your morning!

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