The Millennial Attention Gap

millennial attention gap

I love the Millennial generation. They are my fave by far. I love their insights and ability to change quickly, and they can also learn from generations before them.


I was excited when I recently watched the movie, The Intern, about a Baby Boomer going to work for a

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Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule Book Review

5 second rule mel robbins book reviewNeed to pay attention to what really matters in your life? Read Mel’s book, 5 Second Rule. 5 seconds will change your life.… that’s it. It’s simple. It’s powerful. Invest your precious time reading this book filled with practical advice and great social media testimonials and proof this …

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The Attention Deficit Workplace – The Answer Starts with YOU!

Do you believe your workplace has an attention deficit problem? Do you believe YOU have an attention deficit problem?


Fact is, you are a role model … to someone. The expression “tone at the top” is true. The example leaders demonstrate is often believed to be a requirement employees …

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The Enemy of Your Employee Attention

There is a battle brewing in your office for employee attention. The enemy – distraction.


Our workplaces are a littered land mind of distractions. It’s a wonder anyone can survive. Between open concept offices to technological interruptions, employees fight for their ability to pay attention, avoid distractions and say …

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Think You’re Paying Attention? You’re Not! Say “NO” to Interruptions

interruptions distractionsDo you remember growing up, parents wouldn’t tolerate interruptions, often saying: “Don’t interrupt when grownups are talking?”


Ever had your parents say “Pay attention to what you are doing?”



Now we ARE the grownups and somehow, we’ve forgotten those very basic rules of engagement.


We cannot …

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Pay Attention to this Hot Mess… a practical guide to organizing!

When I heard the title of my talented organizing friend, Laurie Palau from Simply b Organized, new book, I smiled – Hot Mess: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized. 

This book is funny, valuable and a great easy read.

This book will also help you identify the root of your …

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Don’t Believe Distractions Cost? Think Again!

distractions costDistractions cost. They cost us mental energy, quality of work, mental health, focus and productivity.


Did you know it takes, on average, 23 minutes to refocus your mental effort and energy on a task after being interrupted? (University of California, Irvine; Mark, Gloria)


Have you ever considered how …

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Change Your Relationship with Technology

…and pay attention to what matters most!

How would you define your relationship with technology? Are you able to put it down and walk away from it when someone or something that matters demands your attention? Or, are you denying your technology addiction as you sneak glances at your device …

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Join the Attention Revolution and Take Back Your Time

Are you tired of always feeling too busy, overwhelmed and overly accessible?


Do you wish you could say “no” to distractions, turn off the gadgets and be in control of who and what gets your attention?


Are you ready to commit to spending your valued time paying attention …

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When You’re Just Too Busy – Attention Pays!

We wear busy like a badge of honor. Busy has become a status symbol within our society, which is crazy when you stop to consider how terrible it is to our productivity, personal well-being and relationships. We believe if we aren’t busy, we aren’t productive. Problem is, being too busy …

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