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As International Women’s Day 2024 approaches, let’s highlight several corporate and entrepreneurial women I admire who demonstrate luxury leadership.

We can all agree that #leaders set the standard in their organization and with their team.

Luxury experiences are the ultimate in exceeding expectations, and these leaders set the standard, deliver experiences that create internal and external advocates, and possess the ability to communicate, activate, and elevate everything.

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Ebonne Leaphart (Ruffins) of Comcast exemplifies this ethos, pioneering innovation and inclusivity in corporate leadership; she is admired by her peers and her team. She is an example of grace in leadership, and her ability to be strategic in every conversation is something I deeply admire.

Kari LaRocco at Ameriprise embodies excellence, guiding clients toward financial empowerment and doing it with incredible style, and was recently featured in VOUGE – that makes me smile. She constantly hosts events to elevate clients’ networks and combines these events with self-care.

Gina Lyons of A Vine Affaircrafts luxurious #champagne and caviar experiences through her passion for wine and hospitality. Having experienced one of her luxury private tours through the Champagne region, I witnessed firsthand her commitment to quality and attention to every detail in her company, A Vine Affair Voyages. Recently she partnered with Sarasota Polo for the ultimate Sunday experience.

Megan Kristel of The Well Dressed Life redefines elegance and style, inspiring women to embrace confidence and authenticity through her incredible daily blog, A Well Dressed Life. She constantly amazes me with her brilliant writing style, her talent to grow a community of kind, focused women, and the way she integrates work and life to raise three beautiful daughters, all while committing to her friendships and relationships. She’s one of my favorite people.  You can subscribe to her thoughts on Substack.

Jennifer Addabbo of Engage fi empowers her leadership team and is changing the landscape for #banks and #credit unions with her innovative products and expertise. She’s approachable, stylish, fun, and invests in her people.

Lauren Thomas Compton, CFP®, CLU® at Thomas Financialinstills trust and reliability, guiding clients towards financial freedom leading with style and elegance. She role models integrity and drive; working with her dedicated team is always a pleasure.

Jennifer Jacobs of J Method Fitness champions holistic wellness, transforming lives through fitness and nutrition. She has a dedicated community and has built a remarkable following from working with brands Peloton Interactive and The Beachbody Company – she is an ambassador for phenomenal products including OMORPHO and KoMatcha. I have seen incredible results working with her and following her advice. You can subscribe to her advice on Substack.

Shannon Cassidy of Bridge Between is a phenomenal corporate leader coach and constantly bridges the gap between potential and success. Any time we get to work together for our media clients is always such a delight for me. Her books are brilliant – I have always admired her dedication to her faith and family.

Barbara Dorsey Cowan at Comcastis one of my favorite leaders. She is a walking role model for kindness and is a brilliant thought leader on talent. She is revered by her peers and her team and constantly drives change and innovation in the telecommunications industry. I admire her ability to integrate work with her personal life and health.

Sarah Furberof Comcast approaches leadership with focus and significantly impacts women in leadership across the industry. Her determination and commitment to leadership development benefit everyone fortunate to work with her.

I applaud these women for their visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence. It is an honor to call them friends and clients.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day 2024, let us celebrate and honor the women who are reshaping industries, inspiring change, and redefining luxury in leadership.

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Neen James Jenn Addabbo Lauren Compton Thomas at Go Red Luncheon

Neen, Jenn and Lauren at Go Red Luncheon Tampa

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