Brandscaping by Andrew Davis: Book Recommendation

Read Brandscaping by Andrew Davis to Unleash the Power of PartnershipsAre you looking for a really innovative marketing book that’s going to challenge the way you think? The book, Brandscaping by Andrew Davis, has been called game-changing by so many rock stars in the marketing world.


This book is full of ideas on how to grow partnerships and grow …

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Everyone Needs Rest and Recovery

crazy busy productivity pto time off vacation rest recoveryHave you ever met someone who wears ‘busy’ like a badge of honor?


When you ask how they are, their response is “crazy busy.”


Stop it.


Stop wearing crazy busy like a badge of honor. It’s crazy town, and when you do it, it makes you look …

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Talk Triggers by Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin Ensures You Pay Attention to Word of Mouth Marketing

talk triggers jay baer daniel lemin marketingYou know how much I love to read. It opens your mind, creates great ideas and really engages you in greater thinking. I recently had the opportunity to read a book that grabbed my attention, called Talk Triggers.


Written by two ah-mazing speakers and experts in their field …

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Pay Attention to Your Health and Wellbeing

wellbeing fitness exercise take care healthDo you ever struggle to pay attention to your health and wellbeing? We all have good intentions, right? But sometimes it’s a little more challenging. It’s definitely an ongoing challenge for me. One thing I’ve come to realize is that we have a responsibility to ourselves as much as we …

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Become a Responsible Global Citizen

Are you a responsible global citizen? 

Nearly 25 years ago, my husband and I lived in Australia. We saved enough money to go explore the Great Barrier Reef. As we dove in the water, we were surrounded by coral, fish, and colors I’d never seen. It was one of the …

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Prioritize Personal Attention for Family

Friends are the family you choose for yourself.  No matter what shape, size or location of your family, it means different things to everyone. It’s a very cool encompassing term.  In my case, my family is spread all over the globe. While I live in the US, most of my …

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Start with Community When Caring for Mother Earth

How do you pay attention to the planet? It starts with your community.


In our book, Attention Pays, we talk about how we pay attention in the world, personally, professionally, and globally. Personally, it’s about who deserves your attention and being thoughtful. Professionally, it’s about what deserves your attention …

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Commit to Your Educational Development

What are you doing to stay current and relevant as a leader? This is a question that so many leaders ask me, no matter what company I’m serving. How do we pay attention to our own educational development when, as leaders, we spend so much time working on everyone else? …

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How to Pay Attention to Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Do you pay enough attention to your body, mind, and spirit? Consider these three ways to pay attention to the body you have, the mind you’ve been gifted with and also your spirit.


Or, are you too busy working to prioritize those things that matter most: your health and …

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Drive Association Membership: 5 Ways to Create Members for Life

pay attention to clients and customersEvery Association wants to create members for life, Right?

Unfortunately, not EVERYONE is paying enough attention to that very big cog in their business engine.

I recently ran across this quote from former CIO and Senior VP of Dell, Jerry Gregoire, “The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”  (I …

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