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Neen James and Jennifer Campbell Virtuoso at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

The legendary Jennifer Campbell and gorgeous sunset at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando – what a treat to speak at this event

On this International Women’s Day 2024, let’s shine a light on the extraordinary women shaping the landscape of luxury travel.

In my keynote on Luxury Leadership, I share that leaders set the standard, and true #luxury is about experiences, not things.

These luxury leaders know how to communicate, activate, and elevate everything.

They are strategic thinkers, admired by their peers, and valued by their teams.

In our Luxury Mindset Research study, we found that luxury helped leaders feel more #confident and, for some, even more powerful.

The surveyed leaders understood the importance of mentoring others and sharing experiences to develop those around them. These women demonstrate those qualities.

Lisa Holland of Sheltair epitomizes this ethos, steering her team towards unparalleled service and excellence with an authentic and transparent leadership style.

Jennifer Campbell, a force at Virtuoso Travel, demonstrates innovation with product development and designing world-class events that set the global standard.

Karen Joyce, also at Virtuosoleading the UK region, is renowned for her ability to help grow the business,  build a dynamic team, and lead the way for luxury travel business owners and business partners.

Ashly Balding of ALHI leads with grace and determination, developing leaders, elevating member experiences, and delivering exceptional client experiences.

Valerie Wilson of Valerie Wilson Travel is my life goal. She is the definition of a luxury leader, an icon in the luxury travel industry, and an energetic, fun, and brilliant leader – any time I get to spend with her is always so valuable.  She’s who I want to be when I grow up.

Fiona Daltonof Virtuoso is one of the best strategic thinkers, innovating and elevating experiences in Australia and New Zealand and inspiring her team to lead powerfully.

Ann-Catherine Jones of The Little Travel Boutique – an independent affiliate of SmartFlyer Australia, affectionately called AC, is constantly exploring how to develop others, sharing insights in her popular podcast, and delivering exceptional experiences for anyone fortunate to work with her.

Nikki F. Upshaw from Oceania Cruise Lines continues to elevate cruise travel, offering unmatched luxury voyages and innovating the experience for their client while investing in her talented team.

Christine Nicole Judson at Tampa Edition Hotel exemplifies the fusion of sophistication and fun, always exploring how to develop the team, generously investing in the community, and creating memorable experiences for anyone who visits their hotel.

Helen Nodland from Virtuosobrings a strategic vision to developing leaders in the luxury travel industry. Her professional development sessions impact thousands across the globe, and her brilliant brain matches her delightful, approachable manner – she is loved worldwide.

Michelle Rashid of Virtuosofosters a culture of excellence, challenging leaders to achieve their highest potential and build strong teams that deliver exceptional results.

Nancy Swanson-Ebelfrom Hills Travel constantly takes care of me, my friends and team, and several of my clients, who rave about her creativity and attention to detail.

I applaud these women for their commitment to redefining the luxury experience and setting new standards in the luxury travel industry.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, we recognize and honor these trailblazers who continue to shape and elevate the luxury travel experience for all.

Who is a woman you admire in the luxury travel industry? Share with me below:

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