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Important COVID-19 Update How we can help you
In today’s fast-paced world, with our work lives being partially remote, leading in a virtual world, trying to collaborate with our colleagues and create boundaries in our personal and professional lives, leaders often find themselves overwhelmed with tasks, emails, and obligations, leaving little time for focused productivity.

Here are ten actionable strategies to relentlessly refocus and enhance your productivity.

  • Utilize Technology Wisely: Employ tools like and email consolidation services to streamline your inbox, reducing email clutter and distractions.


  • Airplane Mode and Focus Mode: Activate airplane mode on your phone and utilize Focus mode on Apple devices to minimize interruptions and maintain concentration during critical tasks. Do this daily!


  • Voicemail Prioritization: Allow your calls to go to voicemail and designate specific times to return calls, ensuring uninterrupted blocks of focused work.


  • Client Meetings by Appointment Only: Schedule client interactions by appointment to manage time effectively and avoid impromptu distractions.


  • Out-of-Office Messages: Set up out-of-office messages via email and redirect phone calls to voicemail when unavailable to maintain uninterrupted focus. I do this daily!


  • Drawer Strategy: Yep, place phones in drawers or out of sight to reduce the temptation of constant checking and stay focused on important tasks. I also have to do this often … or at least put your phone out of reach so you aren’t tempted to scroll mindlessly.


  • Say No: NO is a complete sentence. Read that again. You can practice declining plans and obligations that do not align with your priorities, guarding your focus, and protecting your valuable time.


  • Stop wasting time on email: Consider the McKinseystudy indicating that 28% of our work week is spent on email, emphasizing the importance of optimizing email management for increased productivity. Schedule time to check it 2-3 times per day … not every time a new email hits your inbox!


  • Surround Yourself with VIPS: Very Inspiring People (VIPS) will leave you feeling motivated and inspired, and they will also help you be more innovative and share positive energy. That also means deleting (or minimizing time) with VDPs (very draining people)!


  • Know that Attention Pays: In our book, Attention Pays, we share hundreds of strategies to pay attention personally, professionally, and globally. Grab yourself (and your team) a copy … my publisher will thank you!

By implementing these #productivity strategies, you can cultivate a focused, productive environment, effectively manage distractions, and optimize your time to achieve meaningful results in both your personal and professional endeavors and become an even more powerful luxury leader.

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