Important COVID-19 Update How we can help you


Can you relate to any of these?

  • Sitting in Starbucks on my laptop
  • Random chats at work
  • Eating in the lunchroom with colleagues
  • Having a daily structure
  • Going to the gym
  • Seeing friends
  • Yoga classes
  • Browsing in stores

… yep, me too.

COVID fatigue is real and it’s showing up in many areas for people personally and professionally. 


Three words keep coming up for me when I think about COVID fatigue: 

  • unknown
  • uncertain
  • unpredictable

We are all feeling unsure about the unknown, we have no timing, no end in sight and this makes us concerned.

We are feeling uncertain about schools, vacations, and vaccines and this makes us wonder about the choices we have and the decisions we need to make.

We feel like things are so unpredictable and we don’t have control over what is happening next.

Can you relate? 

few ideas readers like you shared to deal with all the things they miss include:

  • Keep Slack or Instant Message open during the day to randomly connect with colleagues
  • Schedule lunch dates with another colleague to just chat (about anything other than COVID)
  • Facetime friends to stay connected
  • Log into a yoga or barre class with a friend and do it together

Could you try one of these great suggestions in the coming week?

Yes, it does require a little coordination and yes it’s absolutely worth it.

A few things I find helpful:

  • Daily walks with a friend in my neighborhood
  • Friday night What’s App date with my BFF Jen in Australia
  • Scheduling Peloton classes with friends
  • Virtual wine tastings (have only done this twice but it was so much fun) hosted by my fabulous friend and Somm MIke Ganino 
  • Weekly Zoom calls with the ridiculously talented marketing brain of Michael Barber
  • Friday night cocktail to end the week (or mocktail these days … loving Tost, it’s like pretend champagne)
  • constant text stream with the SheNoters – we talk about business, share funny stories, express frustration, and share GIFS that make us giggle (the SheNoters are wonderfully talented female keynoters TamsenTami, and Erin)

Think about what you miss that has changed because of COVID … and let’s find a solution for you.

What do you miss the most?

Here are a few resources you might enjoy this week:

I partnered with Dr. Erin Cornelius who has been working with patients suffering from stress and fatigue from COVID and she shared this podcast with me, you might enjoy listening to it too. 

We have joined forces through short Zoom calls to help clients that have employees suffering from burn out, let me know if you’d like to more information about that.

The CDC has a great list of resources if you’d like more resources to help with mental health, click here.


  • kimmy kervel says:

    Thanks for sharing this is really helpful for me and also for my upcoming project. so hope you to add some more in future also

    • Neen James says:

      You bet! We have been chatting about this on both Facebook Lives and also in the newsletter each week, thank you for your kind comments.

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