Important COVID-19 Update How we can help you


Conversations with C-Suite clients are including these phrases:

  • “Neen, I am exhausted”
  • “My team are burned out”
  • “There is so much do to I don’t even know where to start”
  • “I am tired of being on Zoom”
  • “I feel paralyzed making so many decisions every day”
  • “I can’t sleep”
  • “How can I connect more with my remote team?”

Can you relate? 


I call this COVID fatigue. 

Are you experiencing any of this:

  • 10+ hours in Zoom (or Team) meetings
  • Responding to email 24/7
  • Frustrated by conflicting news reports
  • Worried about your company … maybe worried about your job
  • Feel like there is no end in sight
  • Tired of arguing with people about wearing masks (just please be a good human and wear the mask!)

Are you tired of hearing phrases like:

  • It’s the ‘new normal”
  • When things go back to normal…
  • Just practice self-care (honestly … I believe in this one … and have been guilty of prescribing this)

COVID fatigue seems to fall into three categories: 

  1. Personal fatigue
  2. Professional fatigue
  3. Global fatigue

And unfortunately, like you, I am not sure what the solution is? But I’d like to find it, with your help.


Let’s go on this journey together. What are you seeing working at your company or what’s working for you personally?


Want to come on the journey with me?


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