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How are you managing your stress?

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We can all agree COVID fatigue is causing stress personally, professionally, and globally. 


We experience this in four ways:


  1. Emotional
  2. Financial
  3. Physical
  4. Relational

Emotional stress

Some days are a rollercoaster.
Distracted, lonely, frustrated, isolated, and missing the spontaneity of life (everything feels scheduled for us with a gazillion meetings), even our leisure activities are scheduled to connect with those we love.


Stress caused by news stories or social media posts happens when we compare ourselves to others and their situations. The mindless scroll each day messes with our minds and our hearts.


The uncertainty is a frustrating feeling, our choices have been taken away.

Financial stress

Furlough, loss of employment, loss of business, and changing investments. People wonder how can I pay my mortgage/ school loans/credit card? Will my tenants pay rent? Can I cover my bills this month?


The unknown causes deep concern as we wonder long will it be like this.

Physical stress

The energy fluctuations are ridiculous. Some days I feel strong, workout, make healthy food choices and meditate… and the next day I secretly want to binge-watch Netflix for hours and eat popcorn (anyone)?  We miss the physical touch, hugging people, sitting side by side … things that often help us manage stress have changed.


I miss seeing your gorgeous smile behind your mask.

Relational stress


We are sad, miss seeing people we love: clients, students, families … or maybe the people in our house are driving us crazy (same people 24/7), and we can’t plan anything to look forward to.


The unpredictable is frustrating, we can’t plan our future and feel like it is out of our control.


This is the one I struggle with the most. I miss ballrooms and boardrooms playing with audiences, miss people from travels in airports, hotels, and yes, especially interesting conversations with Uber drivers… miss friends and the plans we had to celebrate special occasions.


Which one of these categories affects you the most?


Are you involved in conversations like:

  • How do I keep my family safe?
  • Should my kids go back to school?
  • Why won’t people wear masks?
  • What will our leaders say next?
  • How long will this last?
  • Would I take a vaccine if there was one?
  • How do I stay in touch with my clients? My team?
  • Will my company survive?
  • Will I stay employed?
  • How do people get so much done at home?
  • Doesn’t my boss understand I am doing the best I can?


Stress is real and we need to pay attention to how we manage it personally.


We can only focus on what we can control. 


Here are strategies that help me manage stress:

  • Go for a walk – calms the mind and helps your body
  • Get outside – explore nature and be inspired
  • Breathe – close eyes and take three deep, deep breaths
  • Listen to music – music changes moods instantly
  • Talk to a professional – find a therapist
  • Cancel meetings – clear the calendar
  • Watch comedy – find something that makes me laugh out loud
  • Try news fasting – limit inputs
  • Limit social media time – choose carefully
  • Text a friend – fun banter (and gifs) back and forth makes me giggle
  • Get up from my desk – change environment
  • Take breaks – eat lunch, make coffee or matcha
  • Jump rope – ok … this is not for everyone
  • Do Yoga – using breath, body, and mind
  • Extend grace – to myself and others – everyone is frazzled


Let’s help each other on this stressful journey.


Is your employer helping you manage your stress?  If not, let’s explore how we can fix that.


What are you going to do this week to help manage your stress?


Email me your ideas on how you are managing your stress during this time, maybe I can share them with others.


You are not alone on this journey. I see you.


We can solve this together.



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