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Idea Shaping®

Use Contextual Models to Bring Your Ideas to Life and Make Them Spread

Stephen Covey’s four quadrants. The Food Pyramid. Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. These ideas spread and impacted millions of people.

Your ideas are powerful and they deserves to spread. But before they can spread, people need to understand them. And one of the most powerful tools to help people understand your ideas is a contextual model.

For years, Neen James has been helping speakers, leaders and visionaries translate their ideas into powerful, spreadable, repeatable contextual models. Today, she’s here today to help you do just that.

Neen will share:

  • When ideas spread (and when they don’t) and how a powerful contextual model will help you communicate, spread and make more money from your ideas
  • Why visuals are a vital communication tool to accelerate engagement and deeper understanding
  • A proven methodology and specific language to assist sales conversations and provide a competitive edge

If you want people to pay attention to your ideas, help them SEE them with Idea Shaping®.

Idea Shaping helps people SEE, SHARE, and SPREAD your ideas in the world.

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