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Create Contextual Models – Simplify Your Brilliance


Idea Shaping: Contextual models help people SEE and HEAR your important message in a world where attention is in short supply.

In a world inundated with meetings and technology, the ability to retain information  is challenging.

Do you want people quickly to understand and act on your ideas? If so, your messages MUST be crystal clear.


Creating a visually-interesting contextual model is key to being heard and understood. We call this Idea Shaping.

Make your next presentation one your audience will remember by clearly sharing your ideas in colorful, concise visual graphics.


Author Melissa Agnes used my Idea Shaping method for her new book, Crisis Ready, to demonstrate her complex crisis management methodology.



“As experts in our field, our process is solid and clear in our minds; however, sometimes it can be challenging to communicate it in an impactful way. After 90 minutes with Neen, she created a clean, concise and eloquent contextual model that precisely depicted my complex framework in a simple, easily understandable way.” – Melissa Agnes




On this page, you will find resources created to help you understand the power of contextual models, how to create them and when best to use them. With these tools, you’ll learn to identify the shape, color, style, and features that work best to communicate your ideas.



Need additional help?

My Executive Exchange Idea Shaping program offers one-on-one coaching and support to create the perfect models for your intellectual property, creating sales tools and helping share your important, world-changing ideas.


Contact Neen and learn more about her specialized breakout training sessions for corporate thought leaders. Learn how she helps organizations learn to use models to demonstrate their brilliant ideas.


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