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The Perfect Introduction in 6 Words or Less: Give Attention to Get Attention

By May 18, 2017No Comments

clay hebert the perfect introductionI am constantly looking for people or brands that are truly paying attention to what matters, whether it is the brand they’ve built, the community that they serve, or maybe it’s a product they’ve created. Meet one of the smartest guys I know, Clay Hebert.

Clay has trained senior leaders from Fortune 500 companies, organizations. His speaking clients include Accenture, Pfizer, Zappos, and some top universities around the world. He advises corporations, start-ups on strategy, marketing, innovation, and culture. He’s got the ability to quickly name and frame things, which is one of the things that attracted me to his phenomenal brain. He does it like no one I’ve ever seen. He also created The Perfect Intro, a targeted way to truly get attention in six words or less – the formula for a perfect introduction.

You see, Clay believes attention is about being in the moment.  If you’re paying attention, it’s a short-term thing, it’s a right now thing. If it’s a speaker on stage, or a conversation you’re having with somebody at a coffee shop, attention is right here, right now and a look-you-in-the-eyes connection. Every one of us has been in a situation where we are asked the dreaded question: “What do you do?” I bet every one of us has been guilty of finding ourselves on a 5 minute long running diatribe listing off our resume as a response.

That’s why Clay was inspired to create The Perfect Intro.  He believes if you are truly paying attention to those in the moment, you should meet, greet and connect with those sharing that moment with you. Even if you don’t know those people, they could play an important part in your day, week, career and more. Take the time to introduce yourself, ask questions and be deliberate in your conversation. Make a real connection with those around you in as meaningful of a way as possible, using the least amount of time and words as possible. Clay instructs listeners on how to make their interaction as succinct and to-the-point, allowing them to give attention and get attention in a quick way that benefits all.  Clay’s presentation breaks down the art, purpose and myths of the introduction.

The Perfect Intro is a great asset to those that find themselves new to a company meeting coworkers for the first time, attending networking events or in a customer-facing job that requires you to share a little about yourself. It inspires you to define yourself in a sincere, meaningful way while understanding the purpose of the conversation is to benefit the other person. He recognizes other people in our immediate circle don’t need to know everything about us, just enough to be interested and intrigued to know more.

In his keynote presentation, Clay provides you with a base formula for the perfect intro. He helps you cut out the clutter in your conversation so you can get straight to the point in your introductions.  No matter the conversational situation, Clay’s introduction strategy will help you give attention to your audience in a way that’s beneficial to them and to your relationship.

If you want to get the point in your introductions, maximize your time networking and master your “What do you do?” response, call Clay today.

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