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Pay Attention to Build Trust and Transparency Among Leaders

By May 22, 2017No Comments

build trust among leadersIncredible leaders understand developing and keeping work relationships requires one to build trust and transparency for an increase in productivity, engagement and accountability. That’s why I wanted to look at five essential strategies that can nurture that trust, and develop a stronger connection amongst team members which is a win for everyone.


  1. Explain your decisions. What I’ve found is that people are much more willing and eager to do the WHAT when they understand the WHY. Let your team members know the thought processes behind projects, how the outcome affects the organization and what they can expect by way of time and resources and you’ll find people more apt to jump in with both feet and get the work accomplished in less time with more enthusiasm.
  2. Share the goals. There’s an old saying, “A team working together towards a common goal will always accomplish more than an individual.”  Can you give your team members the top three goals for where you are headed as a company that they can then use as a filtering system for all their decisions? If they are really clear on the goals, you’ll find that they productivity will rise and their ability to focus on what’s most important increase as well.
  3. Say no. While that may sound counterintuitive, we often have to say NO to some things in order to say YES to the things that really matter. You also need to give your team members the autonomy to say no as well, within reason. If their plates are too full or they are not the right fit for a project for example, they should have the security that they can communicate that with leadership without repercussion.
  4. Host a town hall. When I was in the oil industry in Australia, I had a boss who did this on a regular basis. He’d gather top leadership and host an open question session with all of the team members. It was such a valuable experience for us all to be able to speak directly and openly with the executives in our organization. It made everyone feel like they were part of the process and an integral part of the team.
  5. Communicate often and early. As leaders, we are often in the know well of things that are coming down the pipeline. Client issues. Revenue numbers that need to be focused on. New projects in the wings. Changes in company structure or policies. Smart leaders don’t keep all of those things to themselves, or wait until the last minute to spring it on their teams. They communicate often and early about all things that affect how and when team members need to respond to their tasks. That way, everyone can get on the same page and get what needs to be done accomplished in the best and most timely way possible.

Need more ideas for how you can build a cohesive, super team of productive employees? Check out this video to learn:

– How to create open communication and dialogue within leaders and their teams;
– Create employee trust for the leaders within your business
– Create transparency among leaders so employees understand the why behind decisions


All of these strategies are aligned to build trust within your team and company and helping everyone work cohesively and efficiently.  It’s also what helps people jump in when they know there is a crisis or a goal without hesitancy or complaint. See if they are strategies you’d like to adopt in your own company for great results.  If you need help developing the team that can take your business to ah-mazing new heights, give me a call. I’d love to share with you how I can be of service.

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