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Notes from Neen: Do you have client alchemy? “What’s that,” you ask? Read on…

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Do you have client alchemy? That was the question my business coach, Pamela Slim, asked and it made me think for a minute!

She had posted a wonderful client alchemy example on LinkedIn sharing the work she does with Dr. Romie. You have seen me promote her book, The Busy Brain Cure ( it’s brilliant, get yourself a copy and take her free Busy Brain Assessment).

Alchemy is defined as a “seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.” (I’m sure we’ll be seeing alchemy used a lot more thanks to Taylor Swift and her song The Alchemy, from her new album Tortured Poets Department!)

So, which client jumped to the top of my mind when thinking about Pam’s question? Virtuoso Travel, of course. I still pinch myself that I get to work with them and travel the world speaking at their events and working with their executive team, agency owners, managers, travel advisors, and business partners.

Today I was reflecting today on deeply personal impactful moments in my work as an executive coach with their leadership, and as a keynote speaker for their events.

I was first introduced to Virtuoso by my friend, fabulous social media speaker, and owner of Impact Social Media Corey Perlman, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) — if you need an agency to help you with your social media, reach out to him.

I knew I had found ‘my people’ the very first time I spoke on stage at Virtuoso Travel Week (a gazillion years ago) where I was embraced by their luxury travel community and I felt immediately at home — they instantly treated me like family from day one!

Our mutual love of creating luxury experiences that matter for clients connected us. They provide luxury travel across the world through their incredible network of travel advisors and I was able to provide luxury research and business growth strategies to help their business. A perfect match!

Partnering with them has allowed me to work with the best of the best, develop deep relationships, experience next-level luxury, visit exquisite locations (like my first trip to Madrid (see below or check out my instagram) and this week I head to Greece to keynote their UK, Ireland and Middle East Forum!) and it has allowed me to get a sneak peek behind the curtain of concierge-level service people only dream about.

I’ve watched this company grow with executive leadership demonstrating how to be “globally consistent and regionally relevant” — a mantra they share internally and externally. No one competes with their resources, events, and reputation. They are exceptional. They constantly create what we all call #SoVirtuoso moments.

In every event I speak at for them and every call I coach their leaders, there is a deep love of their industry, advisors, agency owners and managers, the travelers they serve, and the planet on which we live. Their commitment to professional development and sustainability is unmatched among the clients I serve.

I often leave my time serving them re-energized and challenged to do even bigger things in the world and I am constantly looking for ways to add value and contribute to their community — I love them, can you tell!

To me, this is a reflection of the perfect alchemy between my calling as a leadership strategist to maximize revenue from top-tier clients sharing strategies and building systems that elevate revenue-driving relationships and their ability to create moments that matter and deliver what their CEO, Matthew Upchurch calls “ROL” — return on life.

It is so rewarding.

I am in awe of what they do and how they deliver in the world and I will be forever grateful to partner with them and love being part of the Virtuoso family (this is not a paid blog, or affiliate link, I swear LOL!).

Do what you love.

In my company, our mantra has always been to “do what we love, with people we love, in places we love.” Last year there was not one speech, coaching client, or venue I didn’t love — and I know that’s a privilege to say that. My husband constantly reminds me that not everyone loves what they do, and I’m grateful that I do!

Has it always been that way? Absolutely not!

When I was baby Neen speaker I did all the free events, spoke for “exposure” and book sales, drove through the night because of canceled flights, slept at the airport, got stage ready and did full hair and make-up in a plane bathroom at 33K feet. I have stayed in hotels that had 5 deadbolts on the door (I am quite fearless — so this was just weird to me!), and experienced connecting rooms where my neighbor decided to open the door that connects us (always check that when you enter your room and put a chair there LOL). I’ve returned to the airport rather than stay in the client’s chosen hotel — because I am a brat? Nope, I was just aware that I needed to turn up at my best for the client the next day and some hotels have not always been safe or clean.

I have experienced horrible moments like every professional speaker, it’s just earning your stripes in this business. But every time this happened I never told my client and was still deeply grateful that I get to do what I love for a living! Every profession has their version of horror stories, insane travel experiences, ridiculous examples that no one would believe!

If you do what you love, these types of things don’t matter, they just make you stronger and show you what you are made of. They reinforce your choice to do what you love.

Lost your mojo?

However, if you find yourself in a role that makes you hate Monday, you have lost your productivity or mojo, you find yourself dreading your 1:1 meetings with your team, if your full inbox is daunting, your endless Team (or Zoom) meetings frustrate you, you aren’t showing up as your most confident, best self when you present, or you find yourself procrastinating more than normal, maybe these are signs that you need to work with someone to determine your next direction?

I have worked with leaders to help them find their mojo again in their existing company, help them find a successor so they can pursue another role within their company, helped them exit companies gracefully, and I have been a cheerleader, confidant, truth-teller and I have talked many leaders off ledges over the years in my role as their executive coach.

I have helped leaders rock their presentation to the board despite crippling anxiety, helped them navigate insane directors and boards, helped restructure large teams, helped reinvent their internal reputations and facilitated ideation sessions that have created multi-million dollar revenue opportunities. If you want to chat more about that, reach out to me about our executive coaching program — we work with people from 90-days and now we offer an annual retainer for a limited number of clients. I have a few open spots available starting later this month — let’s get a jump on getting your mojo back before we head into summer!

Putting it together.

So where does that magic client alchemy and doing what I love all come together? You might know that something I work with executives on is how to maximize revenue from their top-tier clients. I help build systems to elevate revenue-driving relationships. We can all agree that repeatable execution leads to repeatable results.

Whether I’m working one-on-one with executives to implement systems or in Madrid and sharing our Luxury Leadership Keynote with strategies on how they can communicate, activate, elevate everything for their team and clients, it all comes back to identifying and developing areas of repeatable systems that help leaders elevate the experiences they give their internal and external stakeholders. You can see our model here:

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