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Need holiday inspiration? I will save you time, promise!

By December 5, 2022No Comments

Need to save time this holiday season? Time is a luxury, after all! 😉 

Never fear, I am here to save you time (warning, my fave luxuries are listed, so read ahead at your own risk)!

In the legendary (old and still relevant book that I read as a teenager), 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, he shares five ways we demonstrate love:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Gifts
  4. Quality Time
  5. Physical Touch

You might think champagne is my love language — you’d be right — but you won’t be shocked to learn that gift-giving would come in a close second!

If you haven’t done the assessment, you can take the quiz here to discover your love language.

So this week, I’m here to save you time and sanity as you’re scouring the internet trying to efficiently find gifts for all occasions!

if you didn’t see our blog about hosting guests most luxuriously this holiday season, read it here!

One of my best sources is Meg, who owns The Well Dressed Life (so I cheated, or some might say ‘saved time’ by sharing some of her lists below). Subscribe to her blog; I read it daily.

Each year I publish my fave things list (here’s last year’s fave things list) and here’s the 2022 Neen’s Fave Things List for you.

Yes, I know, some are repeated because I STILL love them, but I added a few new ones for you too. Happy Shopping!

For Champagne Lovers

This article on the Best champagne gifts for champagne lovers is fabulous and might inspire you if you have a champagne lover (like me) in your life.

Here are MY fave Champagne gifts with links on Amazon for you.

One of the easiest and best hostess gifts you can also give is this wonderful Le Creuset Champagne (or white wine) Cooler sleeve.

If you want an over-the-top-ridiculously-decadent-obscene experience, treat someone you love to join me in Champagne (yes, France) in June next year!

For Book Lovers

Here are some of my fiction faves on Amazon.

If fiction is more your lane, here are some suggestions from my brilliant, blonde friend (LOL) Reese’s Book Club.

For Matcha Lovers

My ideas from Amazon (yes I have used them all!).

For The Men In Your Life

15 Great gifts for Guys by the Well Dressed Life genius, Megan.

For The Hostess 

For Hostess Gift inspiration  (psst…I might have bought most of these for myself!) – If you are gifting someone a bottle of champagne this holiday season, consider adding this wonderful champagne stopper to your gift too.

For people who love to give gifts — here’s a list of 14 Fantastic Gifts for you from The Well Dressed Life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about wrapping all these gifts, please take a look at my friend Meg (I told you she was a genius). She has a blog here about 6 steps on how to create a gift closet – yes, I have done this too, and it makes things so much easier if you are running out the door on your way to a party.

I hope this inspired you to find something for everyone on your list this season.

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