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Life is like a tray of Tiffany Champagne glasses…

By October 16, 2022No Comments

Your life is like a tray of Tiffany Champagne Glasses… wait hear me out! 

We’ve already established that luxury is a mindset, right? And what better way to frame your life than a lovely set of glasses?

Each Tiffany glass represents something important to you: Family, Health, Spirituality, Career, Finances.

Each day you are gifted ONE bottle of Champagne. The bottle represents time.

You get to pour into each glass — but once that champagne is all gone, you have to wait until tomorrow for a new bottle.

Think of every little bubble, like the thousands of decisions you make each day.

Which glasses will you pour into today? How will you feed your creative spirit to create special experiences for yourself and others?

Do you have champagne problems?

What if the problems that you think are problems are really just little decisions, like bubbles in your day’s champagne bottle.

When I am being ridiculous and thinking something is complicated (when it is really not) or if something is very privileged and I am fortunate to have that challenge, I often say ‘champagne problems’ — it makes me stop and realize in the bigger scheme of life it’s really nothing.

It’s easy to lose focus and dwell on the little things instead of keeping our eyes focused on the more significant and more critical aspects of our life. Which glass could you put more intention into?

Maybe next time you catch yourself feeling sorry for yourself — despite your wonderful life or circumstances) — you can also say ‘ champagne problems.”

It might seem crazy to be talking about champagne right now. I know. I get it. The world is a little crazy, the news has nothing but negativity, there is so much sadness and horror, and there is ugliness in so many places. You may be even struggling right now.

But I wanted to pop into your inbox with a ridiculously indulgent and delightful newsletter: so I decided to focus on champagne, something I love and something that brings me joy!

Yep, that’s right — if that’s not for you, stop reading immediately and go about your day; I won’t mind at all.

But if you like the idea of knowing more about champagne, here are a few things I have learned over the years — maybe even a few things you may not know about champagne!

How to drink and serve champagne: a quick guide. 

I recently hosted a Champagne and Caviar tasting with A Vine Affair (Gina’s company) and I learned even more! You can see our adventures here.

Did you know:  

  • There are many types of champagne, Rose is my fave, but there is also NV or MV (which is often blended and meant to be enjoyed when released).
  • Prestige Cuvee is the Champagne Houses’ best wines.
  • Vintage champagne is only made in the house’s best vintage years.
  • The perfect temperature to serve champagne is 47-50 degrees (which is why you often see it in a champagne ice bucket).
  • It is best served in a tulip or wine glass (which I don’t love — I’d still prefer a flute as it feels fancier — call me old-fashioned.

Maybe you did know all these things — but did you know the way to serve champagne? I’s not as you might have seen in movies with the big loud pop and bubbles frothing everywhere…

The best sound the cork can make is a ‘sigh’  — that’s right, that’s actually the way you will see a sommelier serve your champagne unless of course, they can saber the bottle for you (a dramatic and fun way to do it!).

The art of pouring a glass of champagne is to hold the bottle by the base (not the neck) and keep the flow slow and steady, so the little bubbles will collect around the sides (this is something I learned from Gina). If you want to make it the perfect pour, only fill it to 2/3rd of the way and give it a little time to open, no need to swirl your glass (like red wine)—but it is pretty held up to the light.

So that’s your champagne lesson for today!

Want more champagne tips? Email me below, and share your fave champagne with me by clicking on this button.

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