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Have Guests this holiday season? Make it more luxe!

By November 16, 2022November 18th, 2023No Comments

Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like … (insert your fave holiday name here)! 

Online, in-person, in-store, and in conversations — our attention is now turning to holiday travel, plans to see loved ones, gift-giving, and social obligations.

Our social media feeds are filled with the perfect holiday table, outfits to wear, gift guides, tree-decorating inspiration, and even movies to see!

For something a little different this week, I thought it would be fun to share a few ideas on how to set up a guest room.

Be warned — what you may not know about me is I LOVE LOVE LOVE to host and entertain. Having people stay in my home is one of my greatest joys! My friends will tell you I am a bit ‘extra’ and I say I might as well own it!

So when it comes time to create a space my friends can enjoy, I turn to my exhaustive list (and yes, I have all these things in my guest room and guest bathroom) but if you don’t have space (or time!) for that, choose one or two things to add, and I bet your guests will love it!

You might be staying home and hosting others, and if so, you can make it feel like a luxury experience, a home away from home, by adding a few simple touches. Maybe a few of these ideas will inspire you.

I added a link for every recommendation so you can just ‘add to cart’ if you want anything but if you are absolutely overwhelmed, ignore this list, bookmark it for later, stock up your champagne (or wine) fridge and just enjoy the company of those you love!

Remember that when we travel, it allows us to have moments  to remove ourselves from our everyday lives and recharge. It’s about connection and creating experiences and moments.

Matthew Upchurch, CEO of Virtuoso Travel, calls this ‘Return on Life’ — a mantra I wholeheartedly support!

Paying attention to how we invest our time and resources to create experiences for people who matter to us is a beautiful reason to travel, and creating a cozy and chic space for them in your home is a wonderful gift.

The Luxury Guest Room Mindset 

Mum taught me that luxury is a mindset. Luxury is not always about things (though, believe me, I love high-thread-count sheets and white robes in hotels)—it is about experiences —taking the time to create memories with those you love.

If you want a few ideas for creating a luxury guest room in your home, try these:

Travel Touches

  • When your guests first arrive, they will be looking for somewhere to place their suitcase, a simple luggage rack is a great addition.
  • Hooks for coats and bags installed behind the door make it convenient when arriving.
  • Place a small frame on a shelf with wifi instructions so they don’t need to ask, or this fun little sign.
  • Invest in a few white robes, and it will feel like they are staying in a hotel.
  • Add an Amazon Alexa device so they can play music while they stay with you.

Stash of Supplies 

  • Think of everything you could need (that you might forget) and place extra baskets in the bathroom and guest room.
  • Think of things you love but forget i.e. sneaker wipessunscreen, and body lotion.
  • A mini coffee/tea supply tray can be fun with a mini espresso machine, their fave teas, a small jar of honey, and sweet supplies.
  • A jar of treats is a lovely touch with chocolates or nuts (or both) so they can satisfy their sweet tooth when they arrive.

Bedside Tables 

Bedding Basics 

  • Bamboo sheets feel luxe and easy to wash.
  • A variety of pillow options is helpful to cater to all types of sleepers.
  • Adding a soft throw to the bed (for extra warmth) or even to make the room look cozier is a nice touch too
  • Spritz the room with a lovely spray like this one to stimulate their senses.

Bathroom Additions 

  • Baskets could include toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving items, bath products, loofahs, cotton tips, tissues, face masks, and personal items.
  • Consider creating a mini medical supply basket with first-aid kit, vitamins, headache tablets, bandaids, lip balm, cough lozenges, and breath mints.
  • Set up a basket of fresh towels, and face washers and add a shower cap and make-up face washer for extra touches.
  • Add these eye patches in their basket for a bit of glam and to handle those tired eyes from travel.
  • Consider adding disposable slippers to the room — we give every guest these cute washable slippers (more environmentally friendly and a lovely gift for them to take home and keep in their travel bag)!

Fabulous Fitness 

  • Add a yoga mat, and yoga blocks with a yoga strap to their guest closet.
  • We have this JMethod Travel Kit in our guest room, too and the recovery ball after long flights is bliss!

Local Loves 

  • Add a few local magazines to the room so they can learn more about your area.
  • Include a few treats from local businesses guests can enjoy while they stay.
  • We have a Google Doc we share with guests that includes local spots, dining recommendations, and even how to use the remotes and our coffee machine!

Extra Extras 

  • Include a clothes steamer so they can look and feel together — if you have space, add an iron and ironing board to the guest room closet
  • Buy a Guest book for them to sign and leave you a 5-star review!
  • A few motion sensor lights will help them navigate your home in the dark and can be great for the guest room, hallway, and bathroom

What do you do that makes your guests feel welcome when they visit you? What are the tips you would add? Email me and let me know! 

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