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Tips on how to be a Great Virtual Presenter: The secret is environment and equipment

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Make every virtual presentatio

Be prepared for your virtual presentation

There is a common understanding in virtual presenting: if it can go wrong, it might go wrong.


The best we can all do is be prepared by managing our environment and equipment.


Common challenges of these presentations include distractions, constant interruptions, and you combine that with working from home (WFH) challenges of blurring the lines of personal and professional lives, feeling less productive, and sometimes feeling exhausted – even more reason to be prepared.


To create the most productive environment consider these actions:


  • Turn off bells and whistles – ensure the notifications won’t distract you and others.


  • Place a post-it note on your door if you are working from home and have the luxury of a separate space.


  • Avoid working on your bed – save this space for sleeping and intimacy – not work.


  • Upgrade your WiFi as this is the most common issue with virtual presentations.


  • Pack up each day – create separation between work and personal lives by packing up your workspace, especially if you don’t have a dedicated space.


  • Be conscious of the background in your video – avoid blank walls, create interest in front of bookshelves or art.


  • Consider security – if you are going to be on long calls take security measures by locking doors and check cybersecurity.


  • Sit facing the windows for natural light. Avoid windows behind you as you will look dark on video.


  • Place water close by for your calls as you may not have frequent breaks in your call.


  • Dress appropriately – you might be tempted to dress from the waist up but don’t, consider you might need to stand at your desk during your call.


Investing in a few key items will allow your video calls to be more impactful.
Consider if you are presenting to colleagues or clients.
For colleagues they will forgive more… you can just check out the silver level below.
If you are presenting with clients, consider elevating your virtual experience and investing in a few resources to provide an exceptional experience for everyone.
To improve the virtual experience for everyone:
  • Look at the camera – look directly into the camera when responding
  • Turn off audio – when you are not speaking so avoid background noise
  • Turn off your video – if you need to leave the meeting for any reason
  • Stand when presenting – you will sound assertive, breathe deeper and speak clearly
We have prioritized equipment into three options:

Silver level

Zero to minimum investment

  • A laptop you can move around your environment
  • Place your laptop so the camera is level with your eyesight (maybe on a box)
  • Headphones of any kind
  • Add Zoom to your laptop
  • Add Microsoft Teams to your laptop

Gold level

$150 average investment

Platinum level

$300 average investment

  • Invest in a 3 Light Set-Up – these range $80-$300 – we like GMV
  • Invest in a web camera – these range $15-$300 -I like the Logitech Brio
This is my daily set up on my MacBook Air for virtual presentations with clients
Set up your environment that makes you feel more productive and allows you to serve your clients in an even greater way.
We really enjoyed the tips provided by Sylvie di Giusto in this comprehensive ebook for virtual presenting and remote working.

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