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Neen at the airport in Tama

Your ONLY goal is to arrive sane and healthy and kind.

If you are feeling a little crazy, you are not alone.

“Your only goal is to arrive” – this mantra has been stuck in my head for a week after reading this brilliant article shared by my friend Michael.

If you have ever traveled with kids, you will appreciate it even more. The premise of the article is to arrive on the other side of quarantine healthy, sane, and kind.

The most common concern in our conversations with clients right now is a lack of productivity and sanity. Totally understand that.

Maybe now isn’t the time to Marie-Kondo your home, write your next book, learn to bake, or lose 10 pounds… why do I know… because I stupidly thought maybe I’d do that. So crazy!

Anyone else thought you’d crush quarantine living? Silly me. Don’t get me wrong, some days feel psycho-productive and other days on Zoom for 12+ hours serving people from APAC to the Americas and not getting much crossed off the list!

If you aren’t feeling uber-productive, wildly successful, or perfectly organized, that’s ok. No one is.

We have likened quarantine to the 5 stages of grief, all going through it differently. It is hugely impacted if you share your home with loved ones. Are you homeschooling? Family members sick? Partners working on the front lines? My heart goes out to you and deep respect for all you are doing.

Spending days on Zoom (or Teams) to stay connected with colleagues, clients, and those we care about, yet we feel a new level of exhaustion. We are all missing people, places, and projects so let’s extend grace and kindness to everyone.

We need to do what we can to arrive on the other side.

Let’s do what we can to be kind and make other’s journey’s easier too.

I have been presenting virtually for over 15 years… before it was necessary, if you’d like to know more about what we do, click here:
Neen James Virtual Presenter

  • Can you host a virtual happy hour with a friend?
    Can you plan a virtual game night with another family?
    Can you create a virtual book club with your neighbors or your team?

Virtual is our reality for right now.

Miss being with clients in boardrooms and ballrooms of course and for now, serving them from a home studio in Tampa through Zoom and Teams.

We have been spending significant time with our clients sharing how to elevate their virtual experience and provided many virtual consultations about their environments to ensure they are getting (and keeping) attention focusing on what’s most important to serve their clients and colleagues. Let me know if you’d like to know more about that.

Need resources to help elevate your virtual experiences, here are a few to enjoy:

The Non-Obvious Guide to Virtual Meetings and Remote Workbook 
How to make an impactful first impression when virtually presenting 

We share our favorite equipment to elevate your environment in this article:
How to be a Virtual presenter  

We also compiled clever ways clients are making virtual meetings more fun and engaging:

  • Host a virtual bookclub
  • Short training session
  • Share a recipe
  • Share “Some Good News” style feel-good stories
  • Watch an episode of something before the meeting
  • Play games
  • Provide movie recommendations

Excited to hear what you are doing.

What ideas can you share with me?

This got my attention this week…

This is the best ‘bedtime’ story by poet Probably Tom Foolery – take 3 minutes and enjoy his poem about the virus called The Great Realization. Thank you, Michael, for sharing it.

Morning Brew – a fun (and funny) daily financial newsletter – shared a list of companies created during the 2008 crisis (things we use every day) :

  • Airbnb
  • Uber
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
  • Square

Got me thinking… wonder what will be created during this time in history that will make people’s lives easier when we arrive on the other side.

The challenge to you this week is to do what you can do, be where you need to be, rest when you need it, decline a meeting if you have to, and remember, your only goal is to ‘arrive’.

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