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Important COVID-19 Update How we can help you

Neen James at CUNAYou don’t have time to do everything; only to do what matters.

Breaking the 1,140 minutes you have each day into 15-minute increments will help you get the most out of them, was the message we shared as the closing keynote at CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference last Saturday in the gorgeous Orlando, Fla.

Fifteen minutes is key to productivity. No one has an hour anymore. Time is the new currency.

Taking action in 15-minute segments for things such as answering email and holding meetings will help you improve your productivity.

If you want to be more focused action these ideas for just 15 minutes:

Pay attention. You frustrate others when you’re constantly distracted by your email and phone. The best investment you can make in someone is giving them your undivided—not multitasked—attention.

We’re making technology more important than people. Turn off your technology and focus on the person in front of you. Engagement is our greatest gift. Giving undivided attention makes people feel they matter.

Say no. It’s the most productive word you can ever use. It’s better to say ‘no’ if you’re unsure. We have a mantra in our office that says ‘if it’s not yes, it’s no’ – simple. No is a complete sentence.

Choose three strategies. Write three not negotiable actions you want to accomplish each day on a post-it note and carry it with you. This serves as a constant reminder.

Conduct 15-minute “tele coffees.” Hold these meetings over the phone, complete with agenda items and follow-up measures.

We need to look for creative ways to do business development. People will give you 15 minutes but they won’t give you an hour. They are too ‘busy’.

Get off the grid. Take breaks from technology. Occasionally remove yourself from your email and the minutiae that can drain your focus and energy. Refocus on the big picture, your deliverables, and your strategy.

This is vital. We’ve become too attached to our devices. We need time to complete our thoughts. This is a powerful way to re-energize.

Have a conversation with someone who matters to you. Call your mum if she is still on this planet. People want to know they matter.

Make interactions meaningful and make them matter. The small choices we make have the biggest impact.

Which of these ideas can you implement today? Share your thoughts with us here on our blog.

Have a fabulously productive week,

Folding Time Tip:  Set the timer on your cell phone for 15 minutes and use one of these strategies today.

PS. If you want more ideas on how to increase your productivity – check out other blogs here and several eBooks you can share with your team.

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