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Get Productive: Get a Mophie

By March 17, 2014No Comments

mophieAdmittedly I am a little late to the Mophie party however I am constantly on the look out for new gadgets that will make life easier, or save time.

Recently while spending the weekend with some of my speaker mates in Tampa I noticed they all were using the Mophie. Never heard of it? It’s a phone cover that includes a battery. It’s a little bulky and makes your phone heavier… but it is productive.

I love my gorgeous phone cover and the majority of the time that works for me, however I am hard on my cell phone and find the battery life doesn’t always make a full day (sometimes by 11 am it’s exhausted when I am at a conference from all the tweeting and sharing).

This little gadget (available in a variety of colors), is really a must have for anyone who wants to ensure their phone last a little longer and you aren’t begging people to help you charge your phone (at the airport, restaurants etc.).

Check it out – definitely worth the investment.

PS. I am not sponsored by Mophie or get any affiliate fees, I just think this product rocks!

Have a fabulously productive week,

Folding Time Tip:  Every night before bed plug in all devices to make sure they are all charged up and ready to start a new day.

PPS. If you want more ideas on how to increase your productivity – check out other blogs here and several eBooks you can share with your team.

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