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Important COVID-19 Update How we can help you
100 Workouts on Ladder Team AppsJMETHOD team on Ladder AppIf you are anything like me you didn’t think we’d still be at home, socially-distancing, and hearing about COVID cases increasing daily. Yet here we are.


One of my sanity savers has been a daily workout, specifically Ladder Teams.


Ladder Teams defines itself as ‘a new fitness experience that gives you one-on-one access to elite personal trainers and an entire community to champion your success’ –  I’ll add, it’s an accountability app.


The variety of workouts programmed each week include full-body strength, mobility, core, HIIT, and even active and passive recovery days are scheduled.


Several years ago I hired the world-renowned personal trainer and nutrition expert, Jennifer Jacobs (also known as JJ). She caught my attention on Peloton – she was the toughest (and prettiest) instructor. I repeatedly got PRs on her rides (and her Friday 80’s rides at 8 am had a cult following, later became a Facebook group and I have developed wonderful friendships with those people and we have met in NYC and stayed connected on social). Seeking out her personal training services I began 1:1 training (via FaceTime) and still do it today,  LOVE working with her, and have never felt stronger or more flexible (even though I am a huge work-in-progress).


When she launched JMethod for Ladder Teams thinking I’d just check it out to support her, and surprised myself, quickly falling in love with the app, personalized videos for every workout, a community of encouragement, and badges achieved for each workout (who knew a 50-year-old woman, who sounds like she’s 5, could get so excited about achieving her 100 workout badge.


I am grateful for JJ’s design, the app, the community, and here is what I learned from 100 days of working out with the JMethod Team on Ladders:


Gamification Gratitude – some days the only reason I completed the workout was to get another badge (crazy I know). But 100% of the time I felt better once it was done. Little things make a big difference.


Consistency is Key – crash diets don’t work (believe me, have tried them all), 100 push-up challenges, or ’never miss a Monday’ mentality for workouts don’t work either – consistently showing up for yourself is the ONLY thing that leads to results.


You won’t always feel like it – but you will feel better once it’s over. I didn’t miss one single day. Every day investing time to complete the designated workout, proving to myself we can do anything for 100 days if we choose to invest our time and attention.


Cheerleaders matter – a heart emoji from a community member, a shout out in the comments, or just a sweet message on Instagram all keep you going even when you want to quit. The JMETHOD Ladder team is so supportive of each other and proudly share their accomplishments knowing everyone wants them to succeed. Never underestimate the gift of encouraging another person.


Share on social (ignore the haters) – you might hate it when others post their workouts… I don’t care. Seeing others post their workouts motivates me to get it done, even on days when I don’t feel like it. So please keep sharing your runs, workouts, and progress – I see you and I am cheering for you.


Your body will change – my body and I have been in an argument most of my life. I like some parts, appreciate what it can do, but I still hate other parts. I wore a training bra in middle school which led to constant teasing and unwanted attention. I am also little (4’ 10”) so every pound on my frame is noticeable… Especially around my middle. But this body has proven miraculous by never running a day and then running a full marathon in less than 5 months… So I am also aware of what it is capable of. After 100 days you will notice muscles you might have never met before.


Coronacoaster is real – yep, pandemic pounds are a thing, at the beginning of quarantine I lost 10 lbs and felt pretty proud of myself… and yes, I still frown at the scale knowing there is 15 lbs on my body that doesn’t belong, it’s a constant battle.


You’d think COVID would make it easier, right? In theory, I am not traveling, can eat whatever I want, sleep in my own bed, and use my home gym. Yep, well maybe if you are anything like me that also means you can snack even when you aren’t hungry, reach for carbs for comfort instead of fuel, and binge watch Netflix instead of being outside? Does anyone relate? So I have almost made peace with this and continue to try and make choices to support my goals each day.


I am reminded of my dear friend Stacey Hanke’s advice in her book “Influence Redefined” where she challenges people to “be the leader you were meant to be Monday to Monday” …. Not Monday to Thursday then take the weekend off, Monday to Monday.


So thank you JJ for all you are doing in the world and thank you for the JMETHOD team on Ladder app – here’s to the next 100 days.

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