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Important COVID-19 Update How we can help you
In our current crazy remote environment (where it’s not uncommon to see cats walking across a colleague’s desk and little cherubs asking questions in your Zoom team call) have you wondered how to get the RIGHT attention to grow your career?


We don’t have the luxury of ’seeing’ others in the office, grabbing lunch with a colleague, or catching up in the elevator.


Advancing our careers while working remotely requires creativity.


Here are a few suggestions we have been sharing with clients:

Network actively – reach out, schedule lunch dates, happy hours, coffee breaks, and catch up calls with colleagues, people you admire, vendors you want to work with, mentors you value. Challenge yourself to do this twice a month. Make it even more fun by sending them a surprise. I sent a friend Apple Donuts from his fave place (thanks Uber) and have sent matcha to friends, tea bags with a love note, delivered lunch from a client’s fave vendor – get creative and make it fun.

Who could you meet this month to deepen your relationships? 


Dress Professionally – admittedly I don’t always do this (when Executive coaching clients need help at a ridiculously early time it’s not pretty and yes, I am in workout gear). Truthfully, I feel better when showered, hair done and a hot pink lip when the ‘random’ requests for video meetings occur.
How can you enhance your personal appearance for video meetings? 


Eliminate background distractions – messy bookshelves, piles of papers, open doors, empty water bottles… so many things distract others so next time you turn on your camera, take a critical look at what others see, does that represent how you want to be viewed by your clients and colleagues?
What do you need to do to enhance your background? 


Be your own publicist – every Friday send your boss a 5 bullet point summary of what you and the team achieved this week (don’t worry if they don’t read it) stay consistent gathering evidence of the wins to share good news.
What could you share with your boss to demonstrate your value? 


Use decisive language – in virtual meetings it’s vital to know how and when to speak up, use authoritative statements i.e. “here’s my plan” and positive phrases “got it” to demonstrate you are a valuable contributor.
What powerful phrases do you need to include in conversations? 


Hint: Get yourself a copy of Phil Jones’ book, Exactly What to Say


Connect in advance – if you are presenting in a meeting and/or project where you need support, solicit help in advance. Invest in 1:1 meetings with colleagues and vendors to outline your plan and actions you’d like people to take before the meeting to also address any concerns they might have before your presentation.
What is the best way to get support in advance of your meeting? 


Articulate your value – your ability to confidently share your expertise and experience leads to positive attention from colleagues, clients, and your community. If you don’t know how to do this, let’s chat.
What do you say when someone asks ‘what do you do?’ 


If you don’t know how to articulate your value, or seek a promotion, or a pay rise or start that conversation…
I can help you!


Maybe you just need a plan?
Maybe you want someone you can brainstorm with?
Maybe you need a coach to help you?
Check out our Attention Matrix Series  program that includes:


  • Building an Attention Matrix for important conversations
  • How to leverage your Attention Matrix for sales conversations, job interviews, and marketing
  • Exclusive videos delivered to your inbox
  • Free chapters of our book Attention Pays
  • Templates to create action plans
  • A curated list of resources including books, Ted Talks, book recommendations, and blogs
  • Ongoing access to my best ideas on how to overcome distraction and embrace mindfulness
Hint: If you get the Diamond Series I will build your Attention Matrix for you.

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