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Woman in Luxury

Imagine What Can Be: What Every Executive Women
in Luxury Needs to Know to Thrive in 2022 and Beyond

Empower women executives to create memorable and personalized experiences

The increasing demand for women executives to create holistic, personalized, and exclusive experiences that become Instagrammable moments that grab the imagination of and capture our clients’ and guests’ attention has never been higher. It’s never been more important for women executives to craft meaningful moments that our clients and guests will cherish forever.

If you are a luxury travel advisor, business partner, or staff member, this informative session is for you. Let’s equip our leadership toolbox with the strategies to delight our clients, lead our industry, and inspire our teams.

In this session for advisors and business partners, Neen shares:

  • A strategic planning framework every leader needs personally and professionally
  • A system to systemize thoughtfulness to deliver hyper-personalized experiences
  • Strategies to improve your presentations and elevate personal brand

Do you want a strategic plan to improve?

Let’s equip our leadership toolbox with the strategies to delight our clients.


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