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I’m often asked for book recommendations. Leaders are Readers.

I love to support fellow authors – if you want to finish this year strong, consider replacing some of your scrolling time … with reading time.

The link below to some of my faves on Amazon:

Start with any of Adam Grant’s books, especially his latest, Hidden Potential.

Brené Brown never disappoints – her books find you at just the right time, start with Atlas of the Heart.

Pamela Slim’s Body of Work and The Widest Net are game-changers.

Lisa Sun released Gravitas, and it’s fabulous.

Jay Baer tiny little gem called The Time to Win is compulsory reading.

James Clear Atomic Habits will always be my fave.

Joey Coleman duo for customers and employees is brilliant.

Ryan Holiday challenges me with every book he publishes – love his work.

Jenny Blake Free Time is compulsory reading for my whole team.

Ann Handley will change the way you write… forever, Everybody Writes.

Tamsen Webster will help you find your big idea for the world, Find Your Red Thread.

Brant Menswar Black Sheep will help you harness your values.

… you can see many more on this list – what should I add to my Fall reading pile?

What do you suggest?

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