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There are a gajillion books and blogs on how to set goals – so I am going to add a really simple framework for you that focuses on a holistic approach to your personal and professional life try this:

Set an appointment with yourself

Make time in your calendar to find a comfortable and quiet location to set your goals. Maybe you spend a morning in January to set your new goals for this year.

Review your goals regularly

Each year when you set your new goals take some time to also review the previous year’s goals to see how you went against the target.

Set up 5 categories

A few ideas to help you define these goals for yourself:

  • Spiritual – meditation, nature, prayer, mindfulness, connecting to something bigger than yourself.
  • Physical – physical and mental health.
  • Financial – saving for something special, charitable giving, paying off debts, sales targets.
  • Relational – personal and professional relationships you want to deepen or create.
  • Educational – development of your skills, expanding your mind,  reading, study programs, accreditation.

This framework is a balanced approach to your goal setting.

Write down your goals

It makes them more powerful when you can see them and read them regularly (I prescribe daily).

List the possible obstacles and how to overcome those

For each goal you have set yourself, spend some time considering all the possible obstacles that will get in your way and develop a plan to overcome those obstacles.

Write your goals in positive language

Use words like “I will” and “I am” or “I am a person who” – this helps you feel as if you have already achieved it. i.e. “I am going to the gym 3 times per week” or “I am a person who trains 3 times a week”.

Review them twice a day

I once read that the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is that a billionaire reads their goals twice a day. Simple really.

Post your goals where you can see them

I have my annual goals in several locations in my house, office, and on my phone – these are all places I see every day and it makes it easy for me to read them every day (more than once…).

Share your goals with an accountability partner or coach

Make yourself accountable to someone you trust. This year you might consider hiring a coach, or recruiting a friend and sharing your list with them. Check in regularly to stay on track.

Allocate timeframes for the completion of each goal

Give yourself specific timeframes for the achievement of each goal and you are more likely to achieve it.

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