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Happy Productive Holidays to you!

By November 18, 2011No Comments

Happy Holidays! And now the craziness begins… or maybe you are in the midst of it.

During this time we become hyper-productive and get an enormous amount of activities completed in a short amount of time.

We wanted to provide you with a list of resources that would make unique holiday gifts for you and your team to accelerate your productivity, knowledge and skills for 2011. Enjoy!

Recommended Books to boost your productivity
Secrets of Super-productivity – want to increase the personal productivity of you and your team – this book was designed for people who don’t have time to read.

-Able – great book by Scott Ginsberg, I bought them for my clients and they loved it!

GENerate Performance – great generational communications strategies from thought leader, Kim Huggins.

10.5 Reasons to Hire a Coach – great short book and so valuable for anyone wanting to work with a coach or be a better coach.

Recommended Services to save you time and increase your impactivity

Kristel Closets – they can clean out your wardrobe, shop for you for the seasons and get you out the door faster every day! Buy the gift of wardrobe management for someone you care for this season.

Neen James Stiletto Mentoring Program – if you want to reward a team member or accelerate the business growth of someone you care for, book them into Neen’s mentoring program to make 2011 their best year yet!

Joan Walsh – Kashbox Coaching – give the gift of a coach this season, she is one of the best coaches I know!

Leadership Clicks– e-learning is an easy, effective way to train your team, check out these 30 minute e-learning solutions for leaders.

Don’t forget you can connect with Neen and follow us on Twitter, watch on YouTube, connect on LinkedIn, follow on Four Square  or friend on Facebook – happy holidays!

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