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Could you have a ‘heads down’ day?

By September 8, 2021No Comments
Neen James Heads Down focused

Could you have a ‘Heads Down” day to help the team focus?

Do you find your days filled with Zoom (or Team) calls?

Do you wonder how you are going to ever clear those emails?

Do you question if you can ever move your projects forward?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you might need a ‘heads down’ day?
What is that?
Well, it’s the genius invention of one of my media clients in Philadelphia.  When I asked about it this is how she explained it:
While brainstorming with a colleague about how to make her boss’ life easier as well as the team she explained “Heads Down Day” her team started to help everyone get more done and here’s how it works:
  • Find one day a month that works for the entire team that can be free of meetings
  • The team blocks that day in their schedule
  • Everyone agrees that there will be NO meetings of any nature on this day
  • The team focuses on any projects, administration, and email that need to be caught up on
The concept is that it is a ‘catch up’ day for the entire team.
It’s easy to become consumed in our everyday work that there isn’t enough time to get everything thing done, it is a complete focus day!
I love it and think many companies and their teams would benefit from this brilliant suggestion, who is with me?

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