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Find Your Red Thread – Buy this book

By May 6, 2021No Comments

Do you need a more powerful way to share your ideas with the world?

One of the benefits of having smarty-pants friends is they are constantly sharing intellectual property with the world through speeches, books, podcasts, articles, white papers, TED talks, and social media.

Sometimes in life, you meet a thought leader who rocks your world because of their idea or their approach.

Tamsen Webster is one of those people. From the moment you meet her, you will be charmed by her personality, dazzled by her smile, and the moment she starts to speak, you will be impressed by her mind.

The moment we met I knew we’d be fast friends – I quickly hired her to help me prepare for one the most important speeches of my career. Using her Red Thread Process together – well … we rocked it!

I still hire her today when I have a new idea, need to create a new keynote speech, or just want a smarty-pants friend to help with ideation.

Her latest book, Find Your Read Thread is one every leader needs and one that the world needs.

It shares her proprietary process to help you find your idea and share it with the world.

Find Your Red Thread is vital for:

  • leaders
  • thought leaders
  • trainers
  • authors
  • podcasters
  • speakers
  • consultants
  • founders
  • academics

… anyone who also wants the world to GET their idea.

You can pre-order your copy today:

I know you will love it (and I have never dedicated a whole newsletter to one book) – it’s simply that good.

You can thank me later.

Order on Amazon Today

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