Start with Community When Caring for Mother Earth

September 4, 2018

How do you pay attention to the planet? It starts with your community.


In our book, Attention Pays, we talk about how we pay attention in the world, personally, professionally, and globally. Personally, it’s about who deserves your attention and being thoughtful. Professionally, it’s about what deserves your attention and being productive. Globally, it’s about how are you paying attention in the world and being responsible, and a contributor.


There are three ways to raise global awareness so everyone feels a sense of ownership and responsibility in caring for our world.  Now you don’t have to be a Green Peace carrying, Tesla driving, crazy environmentalist person. Rather, tiny little things we can do to pay attention make a BIG difference. (By the way, I love Teslas. I think they’re one of the sexiest cars on the planet, but I digress…)


Start a recycling program.

At work, place a bin near the printer so paper isn’t wasted. You could also start a recycling allocation in the lunchroom where people can sort out the recyclable trash.  At home, make a place for a recycling trash can.  To make it more fun and get more involved, start a recycling contest at work between floors or within departments. Create a community fundraiser where you collect bottles and cans to cash in for charity. Either way its easy to start a recycling program.


Choose a charity in your community.

What is important to you? Perhaps you have a very global awareness and want to assist with poverty. Or, maybe you want to help needy children in other countries. Perhaps, you want to care for what’s happening with endangered animals. Either way, start in your community. Think about how you could instantly make an impact, even if small. Maybe it’s working to help your local homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, a church or a community program. Paying global attention starts where we live. It’s in our home, our work, and our community. So, choose a charity.


Join a community event.

Become a business invested in community aid. One of my clients, Comcast Cares, has a program where each day a team helps people wherever they are needed. They may create gardens, or clean up littered areas. They’ve helped build schools, paint and create murals too. One way to start cleaning up the world is start close to home. By focusing on your community, you begin making an impact on your life and the life of those you live among.


Could you create a recycling program? Consider donating to a charity or get involved in a community events. What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear your ideas below.


Let’s connect on social media. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram for all the stories I post each day. If you haven’t got yourself a copy of Attention Pays, you can find it where your favorite books are sold or you can go to and download hundreds of articles you can use for free. Let’s take responsibility of our planet and the resources on it. When you pay attention, attention pays.

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