Texting While Driving? Now It’s Being Tracked.

Do we need big brother to stop our texting and driving?Distractions not only cost us time and attention, they cost us lives. One company believes they have stumbled upon a solution to understanding why. Read this fabulous article, originally published in www.thehustle.co, and read more about the future of attentive-driving.

A company that tracks how distracted you are while

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Is Your Organization Committed to Mother Earth?

How businesses can care for mother earthWhen was the last time you gave intentional attention to Mother Earth? Now, you may not be a Greenpeace card-carrying, Tesla driving person, but global attention is where we are mindful about our planet. We must commit our focus to this wonderful, limited resource we all share. Intentional global attention …

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Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Technology

how to have a healthy relationship with technologyHow would you define your relationship with technology? I have to admit, I had to redefine mine. What I’ve learned is when we feel overwhelmed, we feel stressed, our productivity decreases and multitasking increases, and yet we don’t get anything done. And I realized that technology can be used for …

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Commit to Your Organization’s Health and Well-Being

Focus on the Health and Well-Being of Your TeamWhat is your commitment to the health and well-being of your team?


As a leader, you have a responsibility to help those in your organization take care of their health and well-being. As an employer, there are many strategies available to help reduce stress, overwhelm and frustration in your …

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Commit to Giving Global Attention

Commit to Giving Global AttentionWhen’s the last time you questioned your commitment to the world around you? Now, global attention might mean all kinds of things to you. When I was writing my book, Attention Pays, I shared in the book there’s really three ways we pay attention, personally, professionally, and globally. Global attention …

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Why Profit First, by Mike Michalowicz, is a MUST Read

If you are looking for a really great business book to prioritize profitsWhy You Should Read Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, author Mike Michalowicz, has the answer. In his new book, Profit First, Mike talks about transforming your business from being a cash eating monster to a money-making machine.


This book kicked my butt! His assessments …

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Personal Commitment: Pay Attention to Your Partnerships

How to Pay Attention to Your RelationshipsI am celebrating my 29th year of marriage. That’s right! When I think about the length of our personal commitment, I reflect on what was required of us both to make it work (it’s not been all sunshine and roses and unicorn kisses…. it’s hard work). What I realized is …

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Brandscaping by Andrew Davis: Book Recommendation

Read Brandscaping by Andrew Davis to Unleash the Power of PartnershipsAre you looking for a really innovative marketing book that’s going to challenge the way you think? The book, Brandscaping by Andrew Davis, has been called game-changing by so many rock stars in the marketing world.


This book is full of ideas on how to grow partnerships and grow …

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Everyone Needs Rest and Recovery

crazy busy productivity pto time off vacation rest recoveryHave you ever met someone who wears ‘busy’ like a badge of honor?


When you ask how they are, their response is “crazy busy.”


Stop it.


Stop wearing crazy busy like a badge of honor. It’s crazy town, and when you do it, it makes you look …

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Talk Triggers by Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin Ensures You Pay Attention to Word of Mouth Marketing

talk triggers jay baer daniel lemin marketingYou know how much I love to read. It opens your mind, creates great ideas and really engages you in greater thinking. I recently had the opportunity to read a book that grabbed my attention, called Talk Triggers.


Written by two ah-mazing speakers and experts in their field …

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