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Action Words to Use in Job Interviews and Resume Writing … and in life

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Use these Action Words in your job interviews and resume


Management skills

Administered, analyzed, assigned, attained, chaired, contracted, consolidated, coordinated, delegated, developed, directed, evaluated, executed, improved, increased, organized, oversaw, planned, prioritized, produced, recommended, reviewed, scheduled, strengthened, supervised.


Communication skills

Addressed, arbitrated, arranged, authored, corresponded, enveloped, directed, drafted, edited, enlisted, formulated, influenced, interpreted, lectured, meditated, moderated, motivated, negotiated, persuaded, promoted, publicized, reconciled, recruited, spoke, translated, wrote.


Clerical/detailed skills

Approved, arranged, cataloged, classified, collected, compiled, dispatched, executed, generated, implemented, inspected, monitored, operated, organized, prepared, organized, prepared, processed, purchased, recorded, retrieved, screened, specified, systemized, tabulated, validated,


Research skills

Clarified, collected, critiqued, diagnosed, evaluated, exampled, extracted, identified, inspected, interpreted, interviewed, investigated, organized reviewed, summarized, surveyed, systemized.


Technical skills

Assembled, built, calculated, computed, designed, engineered, fabricated, maintained, operated, overhauled, programmed, remodeled, repair, solved, trained, upgraded.


Teaching skills

Adapted, advised, clarified, coached, communicated, coordinated, developed, enabled, encouraged, evaluated, explained, facilitated, guided, informed, initiated, instructed, persuaded, set goals, stimulated.


Financial skills

Administered, allocated, analyzed, appraised, audited, balanced, budgeted, calculated, computed, developed, forecasted, managed, marketed, planned, projected, researched.


Creative skills

Acted, conceptualized, created, designed, developed, directed, established, fashioned, founded, illustrated, instituted, integrated, introduced, invented, originated, performed, planned, revitalized, shaped.


Helping skills

Assessed, assisted, clarified, coached, counseled, administrated, diagnosed, educated, expedited, facilitated, familiarized, guided, referred, rehabilitated, represented,

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