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Seeing beauty each day is one of my necessities.

Luxury is about experiences, not things, but these are a few things I love each day.

You can get many of them here:

Louis Vuitton Paris guide – to remind me of the beautiful summer trip I had and also that it really is the most luxe city I know.

Chanel hand crème – it is both decadent and functional.

Hey Dewy Humidifier – it’s a lovely way to help old, tired, airplane-air skin feel refreshed.

Kate Spade ring – I wear a cocktail ring on camera in every meeting. You can find many online.

Anna Coasters – a gift from a friend, these indulgent coasters are exquisite.

Glass Baby Candle – the name of this one is ‘luxury’ and was a gift from my client who I adore.

Flowers in a vase – on the days I don’t have fresh flowers, I have these fake ones from Gallerie Z.

Tray – recommended by my designer friend Jayson, and also this blotter pad for ease under my laptop.


What you can’t see:

This is my laptop stand (to avoid double chins on camera)

These are the pens I have everywhere (in every drawer and every bag) so I never go looking for one.

This is the pen I love to write my thank you notes with.

I have a Louis Vuitton folder and notebook where I keep papers and ideas in.


What’s on your desk?


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