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Want to know how to make work more luxurious?

By April 10, 2023No Comments

Can you take everyday routines and elevate them? Can you create a luxury experience for your brand? Did you know that creating a luxury experience for your clients and your team is as simple as paying attention to the details?

Luxury is a mindset

Luxury is not just things or circumstances but also perceptions and attitudes. Creating a luxury experience for your clients and your team is about paying attention to details. I’ve always believed we can achieve luxury daily (and that it doesn’t have to be expensive).

We can create luxurious experiences at work, even if we don’t have all the material comforts that are sometimes associated with luxury. How do I know that?

Well, our Luxury Mindset research showed that respondents defined luxury as:

  • High quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Indulgent
  • Unique
  • Exclusive

All of those qualities aren’t exclusive to material things, are they? 

Luxury is about experiences, not things. 

Have you ever considered leveraging our five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) at work to create a more luxe experience for those around you?

If you are a brand wanting to elevate your client experience, use our luxury mindset research to help you do that. Our research showed that people use luxury as a reward for hard work — so what better way to reward your employees for their effort, and your clients for their loyalty than creating a luxurious experience for them?

In our study, we identified that people think about luxury in four different mindsets. You can be sure that all four exist within your employee and customer base.

  • Reluctant and Removed use luxury discreetly
  • ProPrioritizers use luxury for career advancement
  • Confident and Content use luxury to create memories
  • Luxury Lovers use luxury to create experiences to share with others

Think about the four mindsets above. Look around your workplace. Are you elevating employee engagement by showing team members you value them in the way each mindset thinks? Does your team feel you are giving them a luxury experience at work?

Think about your workplace, storefronts, or online presence. Do your clients experience luxury when they visit? Are you speaking to each mindset with your marketing plan?

If the answer is no, let’s create some simple strategies you can apply to upgrade your daily routines to elevate them for your clients, team, and yourself!

Luxury at Work 

Luxury at work doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Creating a more luxurious experience for your employees (and visiting clients!) can be as simple as eliminating distractions and paying attention to details.


  • Use artwork strategically
  • Use fresh flowers in your reception and bathroom areas
  • Place luxury books or magazines in waiting areas
  • Pay attention to lighting and features to create the perfect environment
  • Limit the color palettes to neutrals for a calm, relaxing feeling
  • Install soft furnishings, drapes and rugs
  • Eliminate clutter of every kind (on desks, bookshelves, and common areas)


  • Play appropriate music for your workplace
  • Use Riopy, music designed to help you focus
  • Consider soundproofing areas
  • Allocate dedicated quiet locations for strategic thinking and privacy
  • Create guidelines for common areas to help everyone feel productive


  • Upgrade glassware and replace disposables
  • Elevate tea and coffee supplies
  • Install a fresh fruit bowl in the common area
  • Install a water fountain with flat and sparkling water
  • Remove old, dusty candy from common areas


  • Upgrade amenities in bathrooms, especially hand wash and lotions
  • Offer diffusers or humidifiers to those in offices
  • Hide trash containers and empty them daily
  • Avoid microwaving leftovers (I see you, person who heats leftover tuna casserole, vomit)
  • Consider installing fragrant plants in the garden (if you have one) like jasmine and gardenias


  • Upgrade furniture, especially chairs
  • Provide personalized stationery to key team members
  • Upgrade towels and linens
  • Journal thoughts in a unique book daily
  • Use linen napkins instead of disposable products

Has anything on this list inspired you? If so, I’d love to hear—how are you going to elevate luxury in your workplace?

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