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Happy Valentine’s Day Gorgeous

By February 14, 2023No Comments

In case someone hasn’t wished you a Happy Valentine’s Day yet, let me be the first!

Even if you aren’t a fan of this celebration (we don’t focus on it in our house), I know many little kids who love giving and receiving cards at school.

When my Grandfather was alive, I sent him Valentine’s Day cards. It made him smile, especially after Nanna passed.

Maybe you could send a love note to someone who might be alone today: a girlfriend, someone in an aged care facility, your next-door neighbor, a sister or brother that might be raising kids by themselves, a kid away at college, or a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. A good reminder that love comes in all kinds of forms!

Today can be hard for some if they feel alone or lonely, let’s make someone smile today with an act of kindness:

  • with a big smile
  • a handwritten note
  • leave an extra tip
  • share a single flower
  • add a post-it note to the mirror
  • scribble a thank you note on the receipt
  • send them a video text message
  • text a funny meme or cat video

It really doesn’t take much to make someone’s day.

How to Share Luxury this Valentine’s Day 

Not everyone experiences luxury the same way. Some people love it and enjoy sharing it with others. Others find luxury hard and a low priority.

Wherever you are on the luxury spectrum, you might find our recent Luxury Mindset research study interesting. We focused on these leaders to help us understand how they define luxury and what influences their decisions when they make luxury purchases.

Did you know women control $10T of the US household income, which is projected to be $30T by the end of the decade? Fabulous! 

Yep that’s a T, for trillion not a M for million. Women are responsible for the biggest share of luxury spending, and not all female luxury buyers view their purchases in the same context; we wanted to understand what brands need to understand to better relate to women through their particular luxury lens so they can be more relevant and engaging. We discovered how women feel about luxury and how the four luxury mindsets differ.

Four Luxury Mindsets — Which one are you?

Here is a summary of each type and how they might view luxury gifts this Valentine’s Day, hope this makes you smile.

Reluctant and Removed  for this leader luxury is hard; they are busy juggling multiple commitments and are overwhelmed, so luxury is not a priority. If you want to appeal to this leader, consider gifts that will give them (or save them) time, i.e., gift certificates for babysitting, offering pick up or carpooling for family members, organizing a night out so they just have to turn up, or even a lawn service to take one more thing off their list. They do buy luxury but they won’t tell others about it as they don’t want to be judged.

ProPrioritizer  for this leader, luxury is power; it helps them feel more confident in their professional lives — they enjoy luxury to help them achieve their career goals. They believe in mentoring others. If you want to appeal to this leader, make sure your gifts are long-lasting and high-quality (that doesn’t mean expensive) and the brands are environmentally and socially responsible. The ProPrioritizer believe the brands they associate with impact their professional image.

Confident and Content – for this leader, luxury is enjoyable but not necessary they believe they have ‘got it’ and don’t prioritize luxury. They are happy in their personal and professional lives and enjoy creating memories with others.  If you want to appeal to this leader ensure the gifts you buy help them create memories i.e., plan a luxury weekend away, or share a frame with a photo of a great memory.

Luxury Lover  this leader believes they are ‘worth it’ — they enjoy luxury and make it part of their everyday experience. They believe it helps them feel more confident, and they share it with others. They are brilliant brand ambassadors and once they decide they want luxury, you can’t talk them out of it. If you want to appeal to this leader think about how the gift will elevate their everyday routine i.e., lovely shower products, a nice pen, or a fresh flowers to place on their desk.

One common theme with every luxury mindset was that luxury is about experiences, not things.  

All mindsets felt luxury is a reward for hard work. 

If you would like to know more, we’d love to share an Executive Summary of our research, please click here and sign up for the audience you’re most interested in learning about!

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