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Tools and Systems to Make 2021 More Focused and Productive

By January 6, 2021No Comments

Do you want to improve your focus in 2021?
Do you need more systems to help you achieve your goals?
These systems will help you focus on what’s most important:
Asana – this ‘to-do’ list is shareable with your team. Love that you can set up projects, tasks, deadlines, and deliverables. – this keeps your inbox free from emails you don’t want to receive.
Boomerang for Gmail – this nifty plug-in allows you to return emails on a date and time you want to action them.
Dropbox – for everything – I save absolutely everything to Dropbox and it will give you confidence your files are always safe.
Evernote – This is where you can store thoughts, pictures, ideas, articles, think of it like your own scribble notebook, and accessible everywhere.
News Feed Eradicator for Facebook – this Chrome plugin allows you to block the complete Facebook feed. I have been using it for years and literally don’t see anything on Facebook, it’s so liberating.
Later – it’s a scheduling tool for posting to Instagram, Twitter, and your Facebook page (this one allows you functionality like a link to bio and ability to tag easily even if you don’t have the 10K followers)
What’s App – easy way to stay connected to those you love the most.
Ladder App – highly recommend if you want direct access to a world-class personal trainer (without the cost of 1:1 training), instructional videos, and a really kind and supportive community that cheers you on with every milestone. Join the JMethod team with me.
Peloton – even if you don’t have the bike, this app is filled with running, yoga, barre, pilates, mediation, Bootcamp, so many options for you to stay fit in your home.
Hidrate Spark – this ridiculously expensive water bottle is linked to an app and the bottom glows to remind you to drink water, it’s obscene, but it works.
What are your go-to systems?
Love to hear what works for you and keen to learn about anything that will help us all stay more focused in 2021.

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