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Get Attention by Becoming a Professional Training Genie

By March 30, 2017No Comments

GenieCast Professional TrainingOkay, so not literally a Genie in a bottle. A professional training Geniecast using genius instead.

Does anyone remember that show ‘I dream of Jeannie” – loved that show and one year I went to a fancy dress party dressed like her.

With teams spread around the world and leaders wishing they could constantly be developing their people with professional training, I was delighted when I heard about GenieCast.

Geniecast is transforming the way the world connects people, ideas, and inspiration.

It’s an online marketplace for expert speakers and thought leaders. They connects the intelligence and guidance of experienced business professionals with people and organizations searching for solutions.

They use a cool two-way live video broadcasts, speakers (affectionately named “Genies”) share their knowledge with executives, managers, or new employees in order to improve processes, develop new business strategies, increase productivity or complete professional training.

GenieCast Professional TrainingTo make sure every one of these is a success, a professional Production team is readily on hand during each Cast, guaranteeing quality and interactivity. With a wide range of content available, Geniecast is the one-stop shop for any type of corporate or professional training.

I have had the pleasure of doing several of these with organizations including EO and others and it was a blast!

If you are looking for a great way to provide development to your team and leverage technology, check out GenieCast… I can’t quite fit in a bottle, but I can grant some wishes!

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