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How to include exercise in your life

By November 25, 2011No Comments

Make an appointment with yourself

Make time in your diary for 3 x 30 minute sessions per week to exercise. If you make a commitment to yourself and note it in your diary, you are more likely to honor this appointment. For some of you early morning will work best (get it out of the way early in the day) and for others it will be after work. Whatever is your best time – make the appointment with yourself.

Recruit a training buddy

Find someone you can be accountable to. It is more fun with someone else. You might have a variety of exercise buddies – one for walking, one for the gym, one for tennis – whatever works for you – find someone to exercise with. I have a great gym buddy, Simone; we have a laugh, work hard and keep each other inspired.

Join a gym

If you enjoy group exercise and want to use state of the art equipment, find a gym that works for you. When selecting a gym ensures it is a reputable company, the facilities are close to your home or work (if it is not convenient you won’t use it), and there is plenty of staff on the floor to assist you with questions and techniques. Don’t be intimidated by gyms – most gyms these days offer many forms of exercise from Yoga, Thai Chi, Spin Class, Aerobics, Weight training and roller blading!

Exercise while doing something else

Set up your home gym in your lounge area and watch the news while you work out. Alternatively play a fast CD while you use a walking machinefind a way to stay interested in what you are doing.

Get a personal trainer

If you can’t get motivated on your own consider investing in a personal trainer. These specialists are no longer only for the rich and healthy – many people use these services either through a gym or private practice. They can kick start your fitness plan and be a good source of encouragement and accountability for you. When selecting a good personal trainer ensure they are qualified, friendly and will help you achieve your goals. If they are more interested in talking on their mobile phone or staring at themselves in the mirror when they are training you – find a new personal trainer.

Vary your exercise

On weekends grab a Frisbee and head to the park, buy a basket ball and play one on one with your partner or flat mate, drive to the nearest beach or lake and go for a walk, go roller blading, try ice skating, do a new gym class you have never tired, buy a Yoga DVD, join a soccer club. Don’t get bored – keep your exercise interesting.

Set exercise goals

Keep a list of things you want to achieve i.e. run up the stairs without getting puffed, walk 4 kilometers in less than an hour, complete a full Spin class without stopping – write your goals down and read them daily.

Reward yourself for exercising

preferably not with chocolate! Buy yourself a new pair of walking shoes or gym outfit, have a massage, have a soak in the tub – find ways to reward yourself for your hard work and dedication.

Monitor your progress

encourage yourself by keeping an exercise journal. Record your training sessions and any new achievements you might enjoy e.g. You may not be able to reach your toes but after doing some yoga classes or stretching you find you can reach your toes – celebrate your success.

Remember exercise helps fight disease

if you want a good reason to exercise think of all the published benefits of exercise like a healthier body, improved resistance to sickness and improved self-esteem.

Increase your breathing ability

learn how to breathe correctly when you train. Yoga is especially good for this as it teaches diaphoretic breathing – the more oxygenated your blood the healthier you will be.

Take up dancing

this great form of exercise is fun and you won’t notice you are exercising. You could learn a new type of dance like salsa or belly dancing or you could hit a couple of nightclubs – whatever takes your fancy. Great way to meet new people and laugh at the same time.

Be a child again

go the park, play on the swings, use the slippery dip, chase the pigeons – find activities that make you feel young again and try them out. Get some kids together and play tag or other childhood games – you will have fun and make their day too.
These little changes in your life can help you make exercise part of your life, rather than something you “have to do”!

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