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Get More Done: 7 C’s for persuasion to be charming, calm and confident

By March 4, 2014No Comments

persuasion modelPersuasive people get more done.

They appear more confident, and they are often charming… do you agree?

I often tell my husband (of nearly 25 years) ‘people say I am charming’ and he laughs out loud (every time). I guess it doesn’t work on him, he knows me too well!

Let me be clear, persuasion is not manipulation. It isn’t about getting your way or forcing people to do something they don’t want to do.  A person with the gift of persuasion often has a reputation of confidence, achievement and the ability to get others to assist in projects, fundraising, and a variety of accomplishments.

In business and in life there are four vital keys in accelerating your persuasive ability.

Be clear – communicate what you want and need in a way that is easy to understand by those around you. Know the outcome you want to achieve of the project or topic of conversation. If you need help – ask.

Be care-full – meaning full of care. Show up in conversation with a positive energy that demonstrates care for the person you are communicating with.  Be fully present.

Be conscious – know the benefits to the person or project you are discussing. Many people are tuned into the station WII.FM (what’s in it for me) – have the ability to clearly and quickly articulate the benefits to others by conducting research in advance. Know your audience.

Be contextual –understand the big picture or purpose for the project or conversation. Know what’s important to the individual, team and the organization.  Stay focused

A friend once declared, ‘I bet no one ever says no to you’. True? I am someone who knows what they want and will work out how to get it. I think he was being complimentary?  But it made me stop and wonder how did I do that. I don’t always get what I want, if you ask anyone close to me they will tell you I do know how to get things done and recruit others to help.  Are you someone who is clear on what they want and how to achieve that?

In your next persuasive conversation:

Be calm, keep your emotions in check and allow the other person to understand your passion but not be overwhelmed by it.

Be confident and conscious of your body language, tone of voice and the first impression you make through the clothes you wear, and the mannerisms you exhibit.

Be charming, yes that’s right. Smile; ask great questions and be genuinely interested in the other person, you’ll be so glad you did.

How will you incorporate these ideas today? Share your ideas with us here on our blog.

Folding Time Tip: when you enter a meeting today, walk in with a smile, have a few questions you can ask and listen intently. Once you have been part of the conversation for a few minutes persuade someone to help you get a task or project completed – get more done!

PS. If you want more ideas on how to increase your productivity – check out other blogs here and several eBooks you can share with your team.

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