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Important COVID-19 Update How we can help you

Neen James at Virtuoso Travel Week demonstrating the Platinum Positioning Matrix Framework

Do you want a resource to help you with sales, speeches and social media?

Do you want a framework with multiple applications to help your personal and professional goals?





Would you like a framework that will:

  • Help you articulate your value in every conversation 
  • Help you with your business development meetings
  • Increase your sales conversion rates
  • Open your speeches in a unique way
  • Update your bio
  • Improve your About Us page
  • Create social media sound bites
  • Script a welcome video for your website or YouTube Channel
  • Increase the effectiveness of the sponsor spotlights at your event
  • Improve your CEO’s State of the Nation presentation at your all-hands meeting
  • Assist you in attracting the best talent to your organization
  • Ask for a pay rise
  • Request additional headcount for your project or team
  • Help you answer the question, ‘So what do you do?’ at networking events
  • Improve your email conversations 
  • Answer questions in your job search 
  • Provide language to update your resume
  • Solicit gifts and donations for your non-profit organization
  • Answer questions on a panel 


I’ve got you. 


Our clients love our Platinum Positioning Matrix Framework we share in our keynotes, executive strategy sessions, and 1:1 mentoring program. 

This tool was designed to help you grab someone’s attention (and keep it) while you share the value you add to the world.

We have shared this framework in ballrooms around the globe and board rooms of Fortune 100 companies.


The results from our clients across multiple industries, including luxury travel, media, medical, manufacturing, financial services, and retail, in applying this framework (in addition to the list above) have had the following results:

  • Elevated company branding
  • Assisted Executives to find new roles
  • Achieved pay increases for leaders within their company
  • Increased fundraising goals for non-profits
  • Doubled sponsorship dollars for events
  • Increased headcount for projects
  • Increased confidence in networking situations
  • Closed major deals for clients
  • Eliminated nervous tension when starting a speech 


If you’d like to access this powerful tool, you can find it here:

Platinum Positioning Matrix Resources 


If you are a DIYer – download the templates, If you want me to do it for you and your organization, reach out to me and send an email here: neen at neenjames dot com

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