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Commit to Giving Global AttentionWhen’s the last time you questioned your commitment to the world around you? Now, global attention might mean all kinds of things to you. When I was writing my book, Attention Pays, I shared in the book there’s really three ways we pay attention, personally, professionally, and globally. Global attention is important for all leaders to consider.


Now, global attention might mean very different things to you. I grew up recycling and committing to taking care of the planet. My grandparents had a farm. My mom grew up on the farm, and so I was closely aligned to those who survive and thrive off the planet. No matter whether you grew up on a farm, in the country or the city, we all owe our world and future generations a commitment to global attention.

If you’re a leader in a business, you can commit to global attention and get your teams involved as well. Consider these three things


Determine what your passion:

Perhaps your team could choose to support Boys and Girls Club. Perhaps you could direct your efforts overseas to helping generate support and assistance for international communities in need. Either way, by determining your passion as a leader, you can encourage your organization to provide incredible value to others. Your team will feel the sense of value they add to the lives of others and your shareholders will recognize your commitment for charity.

Encourage community:

One of my clients is Comcast. They do a phenomenal job in the U.S. of Comcast Cares Day where their employees go out and serve in their community. Not only does their effort elevate the brand, it also shows their employees a commitment to the community.  Get your team together and determine how and who you can help in your local community.

Contribute Generously: 

Maybe you can’t write a check for lots of money, but you can contribute your time. Consider serving on a board for something that you’re passionate about.  Offer to do research, allocate resources, or volunteer your skills. Contemplate how you can give a percentage of your proceeds to a charity your team agrees upon.


With these three ideas, you can be more committed to global attention.

What’s important to you? If you don’t have anything, maybe now’s a great time to discover it. Maybe you want to invite your team to choose a charity that you all get behind. Chances are someone in your organization is passionate about something. It’s also worth discovering what maybe your family is interested in, and then getting together to see how you can help.

Want more ideas? Consider sharing this video with your team and start brainstorming ways you can commit to global attention. I believe when we pay attention, attention pays.


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