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Thoughts from Neen

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Aussie slang: Cossie means swimming costume, also called bathers, togs, swimmers
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Christmas on a stick

Aussie slang: Christmas on a stick means something special eg. What do you think you…
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Chew the fat

Aussie slang: Chew the fat means to chat eg. Let's chew the fat!
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Call Ralph

Aussie slang: Call Ralph means to vomit eg. He had such a big night he…
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Aussie slang: Cactus means dead; broken; ruined eg. Wow that looks cactus!
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Aussie slang: Barney means a fight ie. Get in a barney with someone means to…
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Flat chat

One of my fave sayings is `flat-chat` (I was reminded of this from my friend…