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Are You Delightable? Guest Blog by Jason Kotecki

By August 5, 20154 Comments

How delightable are you? When it comes to delightability, kids are king.


The next time you’re around children, pay close attention to them. Notice how delighted they are to find a penny on the ground (even more so when they get to throw it into a fountain). Observe how excited they become when they get to push the elevator button. It won’t take long, but after some serious study, you’ll start to smile at the little things kids get excited about. Kids are thrilled by lightning bugs, bubble baths, and the intricacy of a snowflake. They’re turned on my helium balloons, bedtime stories, and cereal box prizes. It is undeniable that kids make a big deal out of little things; as far as I can tell, they seem to be having a pretty good time.


delight-in-the-little-thingsAdults however, are a different story.


As we grow up, Adultitis sets in. We walk around with a “been there, done that, got-the-t-shirt” attitude. We’ve seen it all (or so we think), so it takes more and more to impress us. And that is a dangerous and expensive road to be on.


Eventually, complacency and cynicism set in, and that’s the kiss of death. Not only to a passionate life, but a successful one as well. The fact is that people who are delightable are way better off than those who aren’t.



People who are delightable have better relationships.


If you’re not delightable, good luck finding friends. Who wants to be in the company of a know-it-all who is impossible to impress and is always looking past you for the next big thing? On the other hand, people who are delightable are more fun to be around. They ask great questions. They respond to your stories enthusiastically. And they have a sense of anticipation about them that just makes life feel more exciting when you’re together. Who would you rather be?


People who are delightable are more successful.


The more delightable you are, the more receptive you are to the little things that can make a big difference. Anything can be interesting, so you live life with eyes wide open. You’re more able to see opportunities that others miss and notice connections that can help you solve your most pressing problems. And the ability to celebrate tiny successes keeps you fired up so you don’t burn out on the path to your big goal.


People who are delightable enjoy life more.


Kids go crazy for Cracker Jack prizes. Guess what? Life is FILLED with Cracker Jack prizes; those little treasures hidden just below our hurried consciousness. The smell of a newborn baby. The watercolor sunset of a summer day. The feeling of walking barefoot on a beach. The sound of rain on the rooftop — on a day you get to sleep in. It’s the stuff we miss when we’re racing through life like a chicken with its head cut off. Life really is all about the journey. And the journey is made richer when you slow down enough to notice and appreciate the Cracker Jack prizes along the way. To become awakened to and get caught up in the mundane details and hidden surprises that often get lost in the ebb and flow of our busy days are among the greatest blessings life has to offer.


If life seems to have lost its magic, take a cue from kids and practice becoming more delightable. With a potential new discovery just around the corner, your life will surely become more exciting, fulfilling, and fun.


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Jason Kotecki is an artist, professional speaker, and author of the book “Penguins Can’t Fly +39 Other Rules That Don’t Exist,” which uncovers some of the most useless so-called rules we can find ourselves living by. It explores some small but mighty actions you can take to turn your life into the fun, adventurous and exciting story you deserve. This beautiful 240-page hardcover work of art is a magical combination of Jason’s whimsical illustrations, humorous wit, and poignant anecdotes. Learn more at


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